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Unhealthy Soul Ties

Unhealthy Soul Ties

Everyone is born with spiritual guides and angels and some people are aware of these things, even from a small child, while others are never able to really connect with these spirits. There are people who are not open to accepting guidance from their spiritual guides and this is really up to you. No one can make you talk to your guides and no one can make them talk to you.

In order to really connect with your guides, you have to make a connection but if you have unbelief in your heart, chances are your guides will not communicate with you.

Here are some ways you can communicate with your spiritual guides:


One of the best ways to communicate with your guides is to get rid of all of your fear and emotions that may make you not believe in them. You have to have an open mind and know that your guides are always there for you. Keep your heart open and let your spirit guide come to you. They can send you messages in the form of images or even talk to you.


You need to know that you can talk to your spirit guides anytime but there is a way that you can really connect with them. If you want to have a strong connection, find a quiet place, use candles, incense or even meditate.

You can use different objects to keep your room calm and to have a quiet place to clear your mind and make your relationship with your guides strong.

Meeting Them

Your spirit guides are always with you and they want you to hear from them. When you want to talk to them, ask them to show you they are there. One of the best ways you can make a connection with them is through meditation and then you can increase your relationship as time goes on.

One thing you need to not expect is hearing them or seeing them in human form from the beginning. You have to get rid of what you imagine your spirit guides will be like and once your relationship develops, you will begin to hear them in your own way.


Your spirit guides can communicate with you in many ways and this will get easier as time goes on. Pay attention to different signs and symbols and if you are feeling a sensation when you go somewhere or talk to them.

Write what you feel and see in your journal and you may figure out a message that you did not understand later. You can also ask your spirit guide what your messages mean and when you write them down you can know what to ask. This is easier if you let yourself go and let them in.


One way your spirit guide may communicate with you is in your dream. Dreams allow us to go to a place where we might not understand what is happening. Ask your guides to direct your dreams and to come to you and right when you wake up, write down what happened so you can remember, even if they seem scary or confusing.


Your spirit guides are very powerful, and they can help you in small and large things in your life. They can guide you in all ways. If you put your glasses somewhere and lose them, they can help you find them, but they can also help you to get rid of stress and depression.

No matter what you need, your guides are there to help you. They want you to ask for help and to show them that you need them. Ask them for signs and to validate that they are with you.


Your spirit guides love you and want to protect you and help you. You need to show them that you care for them as well. Knowing that your guides exists and showing them that they are important to you will help you to get a better relationship with them.

Always show appreciation for them when they show up to you and when they help you. Tell them how thankful you are to them when you meditate.

Your guides will be a part of your life and you can always have access to them. This means that they are always there to guide you and help you and they want you to have a good life.

The more you communicate with your guides, the more they will be there for you and help you when you need it.

What Can a Psychic Really Reveal?

What Can a Psychic Really Reveal?

There are many people who have negative views  about those with psychic powers and what they are really doing in life. While it may not be easy to change the views people have about psychics, we can help others understand what a psychic should be and what can be expected from a true psychic when you go to learn something from one.

There is a profound concept that is known as a psychic advisor which is the idea that we are all alive to learn something and to grow as we evolve toward a perfect soul. When a true psychic is properly doing their job, they should be assisting you in an awareness in some area of life. This is why you are seeking advice. Psychic advice is, or can be, powerful because of the insight provided that would otherwise be lost. This is because you may be so embroiled in daily activities that you shut down personal intuition and higher self access. Psychics are able to access unseen elements that so exist in all of us, but are hidden. These can be deciphered with developed psychic intuition and divination tools much easier, which is what a psychic can provide. Psychics are typically born with this gift and it develops over time, with work.

A psychic is supposed to be able to help you help yourself. This person does not stand in place of your own inner powers, insights, or even judgement, but shows you how to tap into this yourself. A true, intuitive psychic is to be used for guidance, not decision making and should give you probable outcomes based on your energy during the reading. Any prediction can be changed because we hold that power, especially if a psychic sees a certain outcome with a particular choice. This is especially meaningful when a psychic sees an unfavorable outcome because you know you have the power to change it. Each reading is a chance to think about what could happen and to take action or gauge reactions to change a situation. Every conflict is an opportunity. We can harmonize energy based on your personal thoughts and actions. Put simply, every outcome is not pre-ordained and can be altered.

So many times, we need help finding our way and speaking to an authentic psychic can open up your life to further possibilities to exercise free will as opposed to being stuck in uncontrollable circumstances. When we receive deep insights into our lives, it can have a strong effect on consciousness, igniting our empowerment. All souls are on a quest for empowerment as we work toward spiritual perfection. Knowing this, we must remember that what a psychic can tell you is highly varied. It starts with establishing what type of information you are really seeking and then you must find the right psychic. Not all psychics provide the same types or levels of services. Make sure you find one that is ethical and professional at all times.

Different Expertise

There are psychics out there that claim all their readings are 100% accurate and can do it all. These are unlikely to be highly ethical psychic because no one is that perfect. Find a psychic with one or two specialties that can tell you what they can and cannot do. For example, not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychics and if you need a specific type of reading, they may not be right for the job.

Different Methods

Psychics prefer and use different methods. Some are clairvoyant, clairaudient, mediums, or use different divination tools. How they work and what tools are used, if any, can limit or extend what they can tell you based on their gift and talents. These elements work together to get you accurate information, but can be limited to their specifics. Depending on what you need and how it can be accessed, will be the type of psychic you need to seek. While the tools used are not as important as skill, it is important to know what to expect when scheduling a reading. Those who truly want to help others will have mastered their skills.

Common Pitfalls

There are some psychics and clairvoyants, as well as other ‘readers’ that may not be able to assist you with what you need in that moment. As an example, if you contact a psychic to find out if you will get back to with your ex and they tell you they see a time in the near future where you are wearing a blue dress and being given a cuddly kitten, this is not necessarily helpful. It may be a positive moment, but it is not what information you wanted. Make sure they can offer what you need, not just helpful information about a general life event. If you were happy to receive the information described above, you may be pleased, but your questions are left unanswered. Still, this is often just a sign of an inexperienced seeker of psychic information. This can turn someone into a believer, but for real answers, find the right psychic. Before receiving a reading, ask the psychic exactly what their expertise is in and then choose.

Learn the difference between types of psychics because one who is empathic can feel the emotions of others, while a telepathic psychic can know another’s thoughts. The type of psychic you are using will determine the information received. So, keep the skill level and type of information in mind before choosing a given psychic. Just because someone has an ability does not mean they are well seasoned in the skill. Remember that the outcomes are based on current energy when the reading occurs because if you are doubtful, the reading will be different. Also know that we can change outcomes based on decisions, the psychic is just providing information based on certain directions or options. While some things in life are predestined, free will still exists. Psychics can help you find things in life that have been eluding you or tell you if there is a karmic block. This builds self-awareness and can be a turning point. This is the job of a psychic or spiritual advisor.

What Should Not Come from a Psychic

There are things you should never hear from a psychic. They should not tell you which decision to make. They can point you in certain directions and sense outcomes, but should not decide. Their job is to empower, not control. An ethical psychic should also never predict death, nor mention spells to alter your life course. This will bring on negative karma that could be devastating in nature. Furthermore, a psychic should never tell you they can make something happen because this is false. Again, these are spiritual advisors that can advise, but not control your decisions or life path. Also beware of psychics saying they can provide energy work at length and for extra funds. The same holds true for breaking curses.


Know your psychic and what type of information you need before making a choice. Do not fear asking your psychic their specialty and avoid those that specialize in everything. Also ask about training or experience because a gift must be developed to truly help others. Do your homework and realize everyone has limitations and no one will be totally accurate. Ignore such claims to the opposite.

Interpreting Signs

Interpreting Signs

If you are asking your spirit guides for signs chances are that you might be communicating with your spirits but the best thing that you can do is to know how to apply what they are saying and to figure out what the signs mean.

It can be very hard to get messages from the spirit guides but not know what to do with them. This happens to people all the time and there are ways that you can learn to not only get messages but learn to understand what they mean.

Have you ever felt that the messages from your spirit guides were very vague?  The spirits will sometimes give you signs to let you know that they are there and to let you know that they are supporting you or to prepare you to know what is coming.

The goal of the spirits is that they will give you a clue of what is about to happen so that you can better prepare and take steps to be secure. Having a spirit guide will help you to have more confidence in taking a further step.

The spirit guides will help you to know what is about to happen rather the event will be negative or positive. Instead of focusing on what the message is, you have to figure out what the meaning is.

A spirit will often give you messages through signs, visions and numbers or they might even show up in your energy field.

There are signs that will allow you to take steps to prepare and help you to become aware of what is going on. It is good to accept the signs and to be patient so that you configure out what they mean.

Here are some ways that you configure out what the messages mean and learn to communicate better:

Ask for Understanding

When you feel that your guides are sending you messages, you can ask them to send you another sign so that you can understand the first one better.

When you ask for another sign or word, that can help to show you where you are supposed to go and what kind of clarification you need.

Sometimes the message will come in a few minutes or a few days.


When you think of something and you seem to always notice it, such as ringing in your ear or a symbol that always pops up, if you like it, ask the spirit guide to show you the information again.

When you are able to get your confirmation, you will be able to see if your signs and symbols are right and if you are able to receive a real message when you meditate.

When you connect with your guide in meditation, you will be able to better interpret the messages that they give you.

Energy Field

Get rid of your energy and calm your soul. You can do this, and it will help to get rid of your distractions. Having a strong energy field can help you to increase your aura.

You need to clear out anything negative in your life and take time to receive your energy and to build your aura.

When you have a clear aura, you will be able to sense your messages from your spirit guides and you will be able to understand the messages more.

Some people learn to embrace their connection with their guides and when you do this, your heart will feel stronger and you will have boundaries to get rid of things that cause your aura to be less. You can connect with high vibrational spirits and get their messages easier.

Ask for Interpretation

The best way to get an opinion on a symbol or sign is to ask someone that does not share an energy field with you.

The messages from your spirit guide can help you to move forward and can bring you truth and joy. You can share the cues that you get with someone that does not connect in your energy.

Ask the person that you trust what they think the signs and symbols mean. See what they say. If you do not have anyone to ask, you can use a deck of cards to help you with your questions.


Interpreting messages from your spirit guide can be hard and you need to understand that it takes time to learn to be able to do this. Do not get frustrated and you will soon see what you can do to understand these messages more clearly.

Clear Message

There are times when your spirit guide will message you but will have a hard time reaching you because you have a blocked chakra and other barriers that are blocking you. You need to get rid of any blockages and then your messages will come in more clearly.

Using Your Intuition to Improve Your Relationships

Using Your Intuition to Improve Your Relationships

Intuition is a double-edged sword. It can warn or “red flag” you in situations to keep you safe and out of trouble, but it can also make you question things that maybe are more of your imagination or insecurities than a real foreshadowing.

However you view intuition, the fact remains that everyone has it and can use it effectively to improve all of their relationships. The secret is to know how to use it to bring a positive response.

Below are seven ways your intuition can direct you and what you should do when it does:

  1. Something about your partner starts to weigh on your mind.

You just have a nagging feeling, sometimes without any provocation, that something isn’t quite right. Maybe it’s a change of routine or the consideration of a new job. Whatever it is, it is time to talk to your partner about it.

“Whether it’s true or not,” explains Ruby Warrington in a Bustle interview, “it’s probably signaling that it’s time to have an honest conversation with your partner.

These types of feelings aren’t limited to romantic interests. You can feel the same intuitive feelings about family or friends. The same rule applies. Talk to them when you get these feelings.

  1. Don’t resist your intuition because you fear the outcome.

Fear tends to take over once you have an intuitive feeling. This is especially true if you know why you have an increased intuition. It is difficult to move forward and address the issue because no one likes confrontation and, in truth, you may fear that what you feel is true. Even so, it is better to know the truth than live with intuition and fear. Another way to look at it is that the truth may be something different than what it appears to you. That would provide relief.

A television show once demonstrated this in a plot where a pastor was helping a woman in his church. He was somewhat secretive about it, which made his wife suspicious. She was normally completely trusting and tried to continue with this, but other women at the church were buzzing about seeing her husband with this woman around town. This was particularly true when he was seen entering a hotel with her.

The wife’s intuition was heightened as her husband remained more secretive at her questioning. Finally, he revealed that he was helping the woman get out of an abusive relationship and was paying for a room for her out of church money so she could be safe from her husband until she could get into a program. The husband said he had to be secret for her safety and out of his confidentiality as a pastor.

  1. Your gut feelings remain.

Some fears and feelings we have daily are based on our insecurities. Those go away after a few days and when situations change. For instance, your partner, friend, or family member may have had a bad day and that gave you a feeling you did something to offend them. They are fine the next day, so your feeling passes.

However, there are times our intuitive feelings remain. Feelings that stay with us are worth paying attention to because they may be trying to tell us something.

“Fears can be fleeting, but instincts haunt us through repetition,” said relationship expert and bestselling author Suan Winter in a Bustle interview.

  1. Your intuition is giving you a message even though your interpretation may be wrong.

Intuition is sometimes filtered through our own experiences and personality, so it could be that it is trying to convey something to you but you are misinterpreting it.

“Gut feelings always have a message for us,” Warrington said.

You may have a nagging feeling about your partner and may think they are cheating. The reality may be that they are wondering if they are going to get fired from their job so they are quieter and more secretive than usual.

The point is to talk about these thoughts and impressions before your intuition and interpretations of it can disrupt your relationship.

  1. You know something is “off.”

Those who spend time around a person will instinctively know when something is bugging them or off. Their mannerisms and habit change. Their personality changes. Things are just different.

The way to approach this is to first not to assume it is you causing the consternation. It isn’t always about you. Ask them what is wrong in an objective manner. They will probably tell you. If they don’t, wait until they are ready. Don’t change your reaction to them. Continue to love them and make them an important part of your life while they work through processing whatever problem is going on. They will appreciate your trust in waiting.

Sometimes, your instinct may tell you to back away for a time. That is okay too. They may need to be alone or maybe it is something going on with you. Taking a step back may help you see the situation more clearly.

This can happen with friends. Two women were best friends. They talked several times a week. At one point, one of the women started going through some harsh situations and started constantly talking about her problems. The other woman eventually quit calling her.

The woman in crisis noticed the change in her friend’s habits. Rather than confronting her, she decided to step back and think. She realized it was probably because of her drama and her friend just couldn’t listen to it anymore.

The result is the woman waited until her friend called her again. Her friend apologized and confirmed she just didn’t want to hear the drama anymore. They became friends again on new terms.

  1. A pattern emerges.

Our institution first comes into play and we start thinking about the meaning. Eventually, if suspicions hold, a pattern will emerge than heightens our intuition even more. This can be a lie that can be proven, a receipt in their pocket, or a weird phone call. Don’t ignore these things because they are confirming what you are already feeling.

  1. Your intuition brings out the truth.

Your partner will feel your intuition. It’s in your vibe, in the atmosphere, in their spirit. They know you know something. It may make them nervous or they may even repeatedly deny that something is wrong. In the end, they will tell the truth.

“Through a combination of guilt and self-consciousness, our partner may choose to unburden themselves by sharing the truth,” Winter said.

The key thing to remember is to control your reactions through this intuition process. You can’t control what your partner does, and you can’t control your intuition. You do, however, have complete control over your reaction to both.

Day Light Worker

Day Light Worker

Being a light worker means that you are focused on healing and that you have a way to have a positive message and to help people to get through bad things in their life.

When you use the term light worker people in the past had ran from it but once people realized that being a light worker was a blessing and that it can be used as a source of healing, it has been looked on differently.

Knowing your role as a healer can help you to see that there is a battle in the light, and you can learn to hold your light better and help others to do this as well.

Our bodies are made of light and our cells will vibrate and help us to tune into positive things.  There are things that are bad in the universe and are negative and so when we feel bad or that we are not evolved then we have to understand that light is good and bad and that being enlightened helps our souls to feel with one and not separate from the universe.

Ancient Role

There is a thing called a sin eater that means that this is a connected person that no longer is able to serve themselves and they feel shamed and in pain and full of grief.

Rather than allowing things like this to stay in their body, they have to learn to let these things go and to figure out how to heal.  As a healer, it is your job to help people that are feeling like this to heal and when you can stand in light and love you can offer them a safe place to heal.

A sin eater is when sin or a person that has died has evolved to the family and has followed the lineage of their lives.  This means a person can be consumed and where the sins from the father are passed down to them.

This is not a good place to be and can cause people to be outcasts and they can rely upon rituals that will help them.  People need to get rid of their burdens and their journey can be different and the sins that they are living in can cause them to not have salvation.

A client can have light, and this can make them to feel better and can free them from their feelings.  They will have a desire to be psychics and energy healers and can see through how other people act and can learn to not judge others or shame them.  We have to get our own light stronger.

Healing Others

IF you want to see others heal then you have to remove things form your own life.  You have to remove the ancient sins and release the spirits of these sins form their body.  You can do this through acupuncture and through other ancient forms of healing.  Doing this can increase the vibrations.

Paradigms of Healing

There are of course, traditional healings and there are changing tools that allow people to shift their modern processes.  The role of being enlightened means to get rid of the negative things on this earth and to raise the vibrations.

We can protect ourselves and set boundaries when our vibrations are low and learn to use light to keep ourselves from being overly exhausted.  We an learn to live opposite of what is being asked of us and this can bring peace and joy.

We can get rid of pain that is inflicting us and learn to respond in way that are positive and without anger.

The role of the healer is to help to remove the negative feelings and to release the person from their sins and let them see light.

When we do this, we are serving the role of the planet by getting rid of this problem.

Being a Lightworker

When you are a light worker things can be hard.  You have to learn that nothing makes you special and that you have a burden that you have to bear. This means that you will have to work extra hard to help people and that when you are gifted that you might not evolve.

A healer has to be sensitive and has to have burdens for others and do their part to carry the burdens of people.

We see that healing can transform and change old beliefs and can allow them to service people and to change the plant.  When we love we share the power to give peace to others.  We don’t fix others we just remind them that they are full of light.

It is unconditional love that a light worker will offer people and this light will illuminate the universe and you do this without judging others and just bring in light.

As alight healer, you embrace love and you are a portal for healing.  You separate your feelings and you learn to take care of others and to embrace them and be a light for them.

Knowing the Difference Between Auras and Chakras

Knowing the Difference Between Auras and Chakras

If you want to understand the meaning of spiritual colors, you have to understand what an aura and a chakra are and know the difference between them.  The differences are vast, and they are hard to explain in a simple manner without taking up a bunch of pages.  With this article, you will get the basics of spiritual colors.

Aura and Chakra Colors

All people are born with spiritual colors and they represent even the fetus in the womb.  Our bodies will have millions of cells that give off vibrations and the body is lighter and different depending on the energy and the cells that are vibrating in our body.  This is the aura.  This is how our physical body works with the Earth.

The Aura can be defined as an energy field that has light that surrounds each of the bodies and the planets.  Each thing that lives has an aura with different colors and this is the spiritual colors of the aura.  These are based on what the aura can show you and what they mirror.  The aura colors can show the mental health or the physical health of people.

Chakras also have spiritual colors and this is from Sanskrit language that means vortexes of energies.  The vortexes of energies are in our bodies and there are seven chakras that are connected to each part of the body.  These chakras are the powers of the body and they give the energy throughout the body.

The chakras and the aura work tougher in each person and are important to each person’s health and wellbeing.  They channel the energy and if it gets unbalanced, it can cause the overall health to be impacted.  Doing Reiki and meditation can help to heal the body.

Differences Between Aura and Chakra Colors

Some people have gifts of seeing the chakra and aura colors.  Each personality has different spiritual colors and connections.  Doing this can help the individual have a happy life, especially if they can see and help other auras be healed.

The size and the shape of the aura and chakras help to identify a person.  When the person is powerful, their aura is stronger.  The biggest difference between the aura and chakra is that the colors change with the aura depending on the mood and the chakra colors only get deeper and lessen with change.  Life change can change the color of the chakra and that is all.  Auras are found outside the body and chakras are inside of the body.

Aura Colors

The colors of a healthy aura can change for individual such as:

  • Red, strong energy.
  • Bright red-sexuality.
  • Orange-business
  • Yellow and orange-academics
  • Yellow-energetic
  • Green-Social
  • Deep Green-goals
  • Blue-sensitive
  • Indigo-artistic
  • Violet-sensual
  • Lavender-fragile
  • White-spiritual

Spiritual Chakra Colors

The colors of the chakras also have a meaning:

  • Crown chakra-violet associated with peace.
  • Third Eye-Indigo associated with devotion.
  • Throat chakra-blue, associated with speaking.
  • Heart chakra-green, associated with love.
  • Solar plexus-yellow, associated with digestion.
  • Sacral chakra-orange associated with creativity.
  • Root chakra-red, associated with emotions.

Knowing the chakra and aura colors can help the individual to be more balanced and to have better energies which can make the body more healthy and stronger in the long run.

Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

Everyone has spirit guides and it is important to have a healthy and strong relationship with them.  Not only are they there to protect you, but they are there to guide you in all things you do.

Their presence can guide you and support you. They will be your companion and will give you direction when you are lost or confused.  You can turn to them when you have problems or need comfort or help.

Your guide might be a spirit, one of your dead family members or an angel.  Some have names and some will tell you their names.

Guides are there to guide you and not for you to praise them.  They will stay with you forever and they will help you to reach your goals and to make life happy for you.  They will try to guide you when you need them to and will do this in different ways.


Connecting with your spirit guide can be a great experience.  When you meditate and imagine them moving with you, they will communicate with you.  When you ask them, they can guide you and show you purpose.

To connect with them, you need to believe they are with you.  They come in different ways and you have to listen to your mind and body and the signs around you to know that they are giving you messages.

How to Communicate

It is easy to deepen your connection to your spirit guides and learn to talk to them whenever you want to.  You can keep your connection open for any time.

Ask Them

The first thing to do is to ask them to come with you.  Ask them to bring you joy and to help you on the right career path.  Ask them to bring you your soulmate and to help you make it through life when you are sad.  No request is too hard, and nothing has to be too specific.  Since you have free will, you have to ask them to help or they won’t.

Pay Attention

You always have to be open to what your spirit guides are telling you.  Communication doesn’t always come through as a voice and you have to always be listening.  Have a strong relationship with them and learn to trust them and know when you hear from them.

Write it Down

Write down your goals and your ideas and tell them to your spirit guides.  Meditate on what you write down and allow yourself to open your eyes and to go into your conscious mind.  Write down everything that you think about and then read it over and over again.  Let the spirit guides take over and see what they write to you.  Let them guide you.


Sometimes a spirit guide will give you a sign and will help you to understand that they are there for you.  Always ask them to give you a sign and tell them you want them there every day.

Let them know when you are in doubt that you need a sign from them, and they will send you a message.

Pay Attention

Once you ask your spirit guides for a sign, pay attention to what they are telling you.  Let them support you and guide you.  They will show up in ways you least expect.

A spirit guide will put love and understanding around you.  They will you what you need to hear and will walk you through the hard times in your life.  If you are surrounded by people, your guides will always be honest with you, when people won’t be.

Be Thankful

Your spirit guides are there to help you and they expect you to be thankful.  Always tell them that you appreciate them and show them you want them there.  Thank them when you have a better relationship or when your career works out.  Thank them for everything.

Trust Yourself

Learn to believe in yourself and that you have gifts.  Your guides will help you to trust in yourself and will give you energy to make it through your life.  When things are hard, they will love you and support you.  You can always feel them when they are with you.


Your spirit guide will help to guide you through your life and make everything easier for you.  Your guide will bring you comfort and will get you to do things out of the ordinary to make your life better.

Guides do not exist to do things for you, but they are there to guide you and help you.  Your guides are concerned with you and your happiness and nothing more than your own good will entice them to be with you.  Make sure you make a relationship with them and you can have a happy and peaceful life.

Bettering Your Intuition

Bettering Your Intuition

When you are first starting out noticing your intuition, you might not understand what is going on.  You might not understand that you have a gift or psychic abilities.  Sometimes, you might even find that you are resisting these gifts.

As time goes on, you will see how important this gift is and you will want to do what you can to increase the gift and to make your dreams and experiences shine.

Being an intuitive means that you have to learn to listen to yourself.  The definition of an intuitive is having abilities to understand things without real evidence.  A psychic is someone that is naturally able to have gifts where they can talk to the spiritual realm such as a clairvoyant or a medium.

Intuition is a gift that allows your soul to know what is going on.  Each person has this gift, but some are stronger than others.  Many people are gifted with multiple psychic gifts such as intuition, Tarot reading, mind reading and more.

There are ways you can increase your intuition and psychic abilities, but you have to learn to trust and listen to what your mind and heart are telling you.

Being Different

Some people that have gifts have rebelled against them because they want to be traditional thinkers.  They worry about being strange and being different.  If you want to manifest your powers, you have to learn to eat different, practice life differently and believe in things differently.

You have to learn to believe in magic.


A person that has intuition is usually an empath.  This means they have compassion for others, and they are able to understand the feelings other people have.  They even sometimes feel physical pain that others are feeling.

Being sensitive can open up creativity and can increase your psychic gifts.  You must always be careful that being too sensitive does not cause you to be obsessed in what others do.  You have to set up boundaries and learn to protect your sensitive side so that you do not drive yourself crazy.

Being an empath means that you will have intense relationships with people.

The Now

Intuitive are good at focusing on what is in front of them and getting rid of past hurts.  They have to be able to focus or they would go into self-serving ways and feel sorry for themselves.

Intuitive also have painful experiences and they process their pain differently than others do.  Many intuitive are teachers, doctors, veterinarians and other helping careers.

When you are an intuitive, you have access to what you need at the moment and when your emotions are strong, they have to be filtered through what is going on.  You have to learn not to feel sorry for yourself.


When you want to have answers, you need silence.  You need to spend time alone and meditate.  Not only is meditating good for getting answers, it can also put you into a place where you can heal your inner being after gathering all of the emotions of everyone.  It is hard to trust your mind and your intuition when you have a buildup of negative energies.

Human connections can drain an intuitive and they need to have good humor and strength in order to move on.  They have to do things that will cleanse them each day and take downtime when needed.  If an intuitive need to be alone, that is okay, this is just part of the journey.


Spiritual rituals are almost as important as breathing for an intuitive.  It doesn’t matter what choices you make as long as you make choices that are right for you.  As an intuitive, you honor creativity and you love the spiritual practices.

Follow certain traditions that work best for you.  If you are compassion or irritated, learn to recognize these feelings and then know what to do with them.


The higher communication you have with your soul, the more wisdom you will get.  People that have strong intuition tend to let their wisdom show.  They use their heart and they balance their chakras in order to do the best thing for their mind and bodies, but more importantly, for others.

If your intuition alerts you to something, you are good at paying attention to it because you trust your soul to take care of you.


Intuitive are highly creative and they like to do things such as play music or paint.  Maybe they spend a lot of time online finding things they can make.  Intuitive are dreamers and they want to express themselves.  They like to be creative because this is an outlet for their emotions.

If you find someone is depressed or angry, they need to become one with nature and create something.


Intuitive have big dreams.  Their dreams are strong and powerful and normally colorful.  The spirits use these dreams to speak to intuitive.

Journal these dreams so that you can know what they mean and you can find peace in your listening.  Practice knowing what your dreams mean and working to a freedom where you can tap into your dreams and help others.


Listening to your intuition will free you and make you no longer a slave to yourself.  The heart can help you to become wiser and to lead people to freedom.  Trust your intuition and go on the journey.  Be aware and help other people.

Hearing Your Intuition

Hearing Your Intuition

Hearing Your IntuitionWhen you are questioning the world around you and things in your life, sometimes you need to sit back and listen to what your intuition is telling you.  Are you unhappy in your life, your job, your workplace?  Do you feel that things in your life are not going the way you want them to?

Do you ask yourself what you should do and what next step that you should take?  If you ask yourself these questions and then you all of a sudden know what you should and will do, chances are that you are hearing and listening to your intuition.

When you realize you need to remove yourself form a situation that is causing you stress and unhappiness, you are getting rid of negative feelings and allowing your body and mind to have a new place for new people and new adventures.

Once you make these types of decisions, you will feel like a weight is taken off of your shoulders and you will know that you made the right decisions.  Your energy will turn to joy and you will have a feeling of security.

When you listen to your intuition, you are listening to your gut and the universe and it will help you to make the best out of situations.

Stepping Away

When you find that the best thing for you to do is to step away, you need to do that.  Go for a long walk and go into nature and meditate on what is going on.  Take time and dream some, drink some coffee, do whatever calms you down and makes you secure.

Take time to be quiet and let your mind wander.

Be Honest

Don’t ignore yourself and your feelings.  These might be feelings that are telling you the right path to go and it is easier to follow these than to walk away and make a mistake in your life.

Be honest with yourself and accept your feelings and let them support you.  Listen to them.


Start journaling and writing down things that your intuition tells you.  Release your emotions and your thoughts and allow them to discover you and you to discover and understand them.

When you have trouble making a decision, pick up your journal and write down the situation.  Write solutions and look at it and allow yourself to make good decisions.

Writing down what you are feeling can be a way to remove your blocks and to let you have words and ideas.  Don’t ever worry about what you write down and allow yourself to spread your own thoughts and ideas on paper.


Your intuition will help to guide you and will bring you calmness and quietness.  Take a moment to reflect on the environment around you and help yourself to learn about the things around you.

Your intuition will guide you and support you as long as you give space for it to work through you.

Predicting the Future

Predicting the Future

Predicting the FutureWhen you are looking for answers about your life and your future, you might want to turn to the I Ching or a palm reader.  This is one of the oldest methods of divination and is also called the Book of Changes.  This is a part of Taoism and centers around the universe and the changes in it.

The I Ching can give you a book based on hexagram or a pair of two trigrams.  These are stacked in lines and can be broken or solid.  They have different meanings and there can be eight different trigrams which can make 64 hexagrams.  This is a fortunetelling reading.

When there are six hexagram lines and they are solid and unbroken, they are called yang.  The broken lines are called the yin.  Most people are familiar with the yin and yang which means dark and light.

The Taoist symbols look like fish chasing each other’s tails.  This represents natural dualities such as light and dark, hot and cold.

The Yin is associated with feminine energy and the yang is considered masculine.  Some believe that both hold energies, and neither is one or the other but they are carried to balance each other.

Fortune tellers use the I Ching and flower herbs called yarrow to create hexagrams.  They interpret them with knowledge and hope to get information.  The grains of rice and other seeds can also be used with the I Ching, along with coins.  Some even use dices.

There are different ways to cast a hexagram but the easiest is with three coins or three dice and a piece of paper and a pencil.  You sit quietly and ask your question and when you do you shake the coins or the dice and let them fall on the surface.  The combinations can tell the answer.

Three tails can mean a broken line.

Two heads and a tail mean a broken line and three heads is a solid line.

Once you figure out which line you have then you need to draw each on the paper and do these six times and figure out which lines you have.

Once you finish, you should have six lines and they should be broken or solid and stacked on each other.  You created your hexagram.  The outer trigram, the inner one and now you can interpret it.

There are 64 different hexagrams, and each has its own meaning.  Some think that beginners should not do their own I Ching because hexagrams are hard to interpret, and they need to practice and have references from people that know what they are doing.  You can then ask more questions and figure out more answers as you get better at what you are doing.