Get Rid of Soul Contracts with Energy Clearing

Get Rid of Soul Contracts with Energy Clearing

Having energy healing is something that most psychics tell you is very important if you need to have emotional healing. Taking care of your emotions and healing your mind and body can change your overall energy and make you to be able to manifest things that you want in your life.

When you go through things over and over again that are negative such as being abused or being neglected, you will feel that you are not yourself and that you are not who you want to be. If you have felt betrayed or let down lately or you feel that people always take advantage of you, you need to have healing.

The universe knows that you need this healing sometimes and it provides you with tools that you can use to get rid of blockages and other things that are holding you back.

Karmic Ties and Contracts

The first thing that you have to do is to make an intention that is clear and strong. You need to look at all of your seven chakras and see if you have blockages and if there is energy that you need to clear.

If you have cords or ties or if you are attached to someone that is not healthy for you, you need to figure out how to cut these cords and get rid of the attachments.

Having karmic relationships can be part of your karmic ties and they can be dangerous for your health, apart from your twin flame union which is sent from the universe.

When you have karmic contracts, these can start out good but later down the line when they are there for too long, they can become a negative thing for you.

A twin flame union will never be something bad for you because this is a divine connection that the universe has set up for you to find happiness and unconditional love for another person.

Cutting Cords

Cutting karmic cords can help to clear your energy that is blocked. This energy that is blocked can be blocked in your chakras and it can be causing your life to be hard and you to experience things like pain and heartache.

This also allows you to open up the space where your twin flame is supposed to be so that you can make that connect with them by getting rid of negative emotions.

The negative emotions are likely causing your union to be lagging and causing you to not meet your twin flame. When you get rid of these cords, you will no longer be connected to these negative things, and you will see that you can make the path where you and your twin flame can connect.

Some people might be confused by this and think that they have found a twin flame when they are only battling a karmic relationship but when you get the energy lined out, you will see that you will feel better and that you are living a healthier life.

You will also see that when you get this energy out that you make room for your twin flame, and you let your karmic partner go. This will raise your vibrational frequency and help you to be on the right path.

Making a space for your twin flame will help you to have your union. Doing this will clear blockages about of your solar plexus chakra and your heart chakra which are part of love and connections. When you get rid of the cords, you will instantly feel better, and this can tell your twin flame that you are ready for them.

As your emotions heal, you will see that your life is more effective and that you are reaching a place of unconditional love.


Make sure that you use your intentions to get rid of negative energy and energy blocks out of your chakras. Be specific and really think about your chakras and where you feel the blockages are. Let go of emotions that you have held on for too long.

Learn to associate with your chakras so that you understand them and then release the negativity from your body. These emotions might be tied to specific people and if they are, these are cords that have to be cut for you to move on.

Manifestation is still available to you, but you have to have a clear place to start. You have to clear the negative energy and then you can cut the cords that no longer benefit you. This will release your negative emotions and allow you to move on and find real love in your life.