Best Partners for a Gemini

Best Partners for a Gemini

Gemini is a vivacious mutable air sign.  These individuals are adventurous spirits, gifted communications and the highlight of any party!  With all the captivating traits it is easy to see why you should have a Gemini in your life.  However, Gemini Synastry is nuanced and can produce unlikely love matches.  We have listed our three top zodiac partners for the affable Gemini.

Libra: Sparks will fly when these charismatic air signs form a union.  Their love will be filled with wit, flirtation, and grandeur.  At time it can seem almost to perfect.  However, air signs can be weary of commitment.  To avoid experiencing heartbreak, ensure both of you keep open lines of communications about what you expect out of the relationship.

Aries:  This fire signs helps Gemini always stay on the bright-side of life.  This pairing are optimistic, adventurous, and sensual beings.  In love their stellar communication pattern will make them the envy of every other couple.  Their conversations are never stalled or boring, but it is important to check any sense of heightened temper or ego.  Both partners typically feel they are in the right and therefore it is important to always maintain a sense of balance in the relationship.

Gemini:  With all the positive attributes it makes sense that a Gemini would fall for another Gemini!  Together these twinned twins can talk their way into or out of any situation.  It is important to always feel mentally stimulated and therefore expect last-minute plans for a getaway or daytrip.  Again, air signs can be commitment-phobic, so its important to establish relationship goals and boundaries as early as possible.