Signs the Third Eye is Starting to Help You See

Third Eye

Enthusiasts of the paranormal have known about the third eye, even though it is now known to be the pineal gland. The third eye is a manifestation of deep insight and psychic powers. There are likely times when you have experienced a sense of something that was about to occur, even though it did not come for several days. These times can be overwhelming if you do not know what to do with them. However, you can gain knowledge to enrich your spiritual journey. If you think your third eye is open, but do not know for sure, you should read on to make sure you are on the right track.

Increasing Pressure in the Head

A very common symptom of an open third eye is a growing pressure between the eyebrows. This may be an intense sensation or a pulsing feeling. This will fade over time so there is no need to worry. Some may experience a feeling of warmth spreading across the forehead, but this is normal.


There may be times when you experience instances of foresight into future events. This may be a tug in the tummy that something will occur or something else. Do not ignore this form of intuition, instead letting it drive you forward. It can be scary at first, but it is fully controlled by you which is important to remember.

Sensitivity to Light

As the third eye continues to expand, you may be light sensitive because you are literally perceiving the world in a new light. You may also see colors that appear more vivid. Polarized sunglasses can often help deal with this until you become accustomed.

Gradual Changes

As you become more in sync with the spiritual self, you can enjoy the new view of the world. You may become more forgiving, loving, and even calmer. The changes may alter your diet to make it healthier as your third eye clears. These changes are for your good and you are being guided to healthier choices. Monitor these changes because they serve as verification.

Power Manifestation

Those with an active third eye can often manifest psychic powers. Two prominent examples are those of telepathy and clairvoyance. Even if these are unfamiliar, do not fear the powers, instead embrace them.

Beyond the Obvious

Although it can be burdensome to know and see more than others, your third eye will allow you to spot half-truths and slogans that are not good for you. The clarity of thought will help you make right and healthy decisions.

Heightened Sense of Self

The final sign is one most overlook. This is that an open third eye will increase the sense of self and see yourself as part of the fabric of the universe. This will allow you to be more self-reliant and be successful in ways you had only previously dreamed.

Experiencing the signs of an active third eye may be scary or confusing at first, but knowing how to deal with them helps. Try calming activities and meditation to stay connected to your spiritual self. Regardless of the path you choose, know the manifestations are a true blessing that should be embraced.