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Restore and Develop Your Chi

How to Restore and Develop Your Chi

There is a Chinese tradition called Chi that means how your energy flows through your body. There are things that you need to do to make sure that you have harmony and that you have balance in your energy.

When Your Chi is Imbalanced

A Chi that is imbalanced means that you are not going to be able to have the energy that you need, and you will become stagnant. This means that you will be in a certain state for a long period of time, and you will have stress in your body. Your body will respond to this stress like in a fight or flight response and so you need to make sure that your energy is flowing right.

Some of the symptoms of an imbalanced Chi can be:

• Stress.
• Tiredness.
• Sickness.
• Prolonged Illness.
• Physical pain.
• Problems sleeping.
• Irritability.
• Anger.
• Mood changes.

How to Have a Balanced Chi

When you feel that your Chi is imbalanced, chances are that you will feel that you are stuck. Here are some ways that you can balance and restore your Chi energies:

  • Doing Qi or Chi practices. This is when you move or you are still to get the energy to move and circulate through your body.
  • Using Tai Chi which is a breathing work.
  • Meditation is one way that you can get your energy flowing correctly by being able to stay calm and to lessen your stress.
  • This is a type of meditation that allows you to deep breathe and to find what works best in your life.
  • Body tapping. This is a way to get your energy flowing. You use rhythmic stimulation at the meridian points in the body and you tap or pat to make the energy flow.
  • Almost any kind of movement that you would do can help your energy to flow correctly. Try to walk, dance or just move so that your life can be impacted in a positive way.
  • Using ginseng, Chinese yams, red dates and other healthy foods in your diet. Always talk to a doctor before you add any kind of substances.
  • Acupuncture is one type of resource that is similar to tapping that will get the energy flowing.
  • Sleeping and rest. When you get the right amount of sleep and rest at night it can keep your mind and your body strong and healthy.

Staying Balanced

It is important that you have the right energy flow in your body. If you are needing to stay calm or balanced, you need to do what you can to align your energy with your day to day activities. Do what you can above and if you need to be calm and grounded then make sure that you find other methods of getting your Chi energy to flow.  You will get the results that you need as time moves forward.

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