About My Site

Even from a young age, I knew I had so much to learn from the world around me. I buried my nose in a book for many years, learning about other people, places, ideas, and things. School introduced me to new people and ideas, and chances to travel the world gave me insight into other places and cultures far beyond what was familiar to me.

As a traveller and a constant student, I dove into the myths, legends, and religious beliefs of ancient cultures. Many of these early ideas evolved into the things we believe now, although they originated very far away. One of these belief systems came from the ancient Chinese, long known for their insight into the spiritual world.

I-Ching intrigued me because it was both ancient and yet adaptable to modern life. It offered me practical wisdom as well as new ideas for me to put into practice in my everyday life. I studied I-Ching and realized that spreading this information could give other people a good look into a vastly different school of thought about their lives.

I-Ching, or Yijing, is based on a very old text that was written in China. The practices utilizes hexagrams to provide clarity and meaning to a question that people use. Practitioners, who can read messages for themselves or for others, use coins or yarrow sticks to create the 64 main hexagrams used to answer questions.

The concept of yin and yang plays into I-Ching. This idea of balance has always intrigued me as I’ve searched for ways to create balance in my personal and professional lives. What drew me to I-Ching was its emphasis on the power of each individual person to direct, control, and change their own lives.

My name is Carla Featherstone, and I created this website as a resource for others to learn more about the ancient practice of I-Ching. In addition to informational resources about the origins of I-Ching, you can also find talented and gifted practitioners who can help you answer questions you may have about:

  • your romantic partner
  • your finances
  • your career
  • where you live
  • your home life
  • your spiritual health
  • developing your own personality
  • making decisions
  • achieving goals

The many applications of I-Ching are what make it so interesting to me. If you are looking for guidance, answers, or just reassurance that you are powerful, read through my website for more information!