Interpreting Signs

Interpreting Signs

If you are asking your spirit guides for signs chances are that you might be communicating with your spirits but the best thing that you can do is to know how to apply what they are saying and to figure out what the signs mean.

It can be very hard to get messages from the spirit guides but not know what to do with them. This happens to people all the time and there are ways that you can learn to not only get messages but learn to understand what they mean.

Have you ever felt that the messages from your spirit guides were very vague?  The spirits will sometimes give you signs to let you know that they are there and to let you know that they are supporting you or to prepare you to know what is coming.

The goal of the spirits is that they will give you a clue of what is about to happen so that you can better prepare and take steps to be secure. Having a spirit guide will help you to have more confidence in taking a further step.

The spirit guides will help you to know what is about to happen rather the event will be negative or positive. Instead of focusing on what the message is, you have to figure out what the meaning is.

A spirit will often give you messages through signs, visions and numbers or they might even show up in your energy field.

There are signs that will allow you to take steps to prepare and help you to become aware of what is going on. It is good to accept the signs and to be patient so that you configure out what they mean.

Here are some ways that you configure out what the messages mean and learn to communicate better:

Ask for Understanding

When you feel that your guides are sending you messages, you can ask them to send you another sign so that you can understand the first one better.

When you ask for another sign or word, that can help to show you where you are supposed to go and what kind of clarification you need.

Sometimes the message will come in a few minutes or a few days.


When you think of something and you seem to always notice it, such as ringing in your ear or a symbol that always pops up, if you like it, ask the spirit guide to show you the information again.

When you are able to get your confirmation, you will be able to see if your signs and symbols are right and if you are able to receive a real message when you meditate.

When you connect with your guide in meditation, you will be able to better interpret the messages that they give you.

Energy Field

Get rid of your energy and calm your soul. You can do this, and it will help to get rid of your distractions. Having a strong energy field can help you to increase your aura.

You need to clear out anything negative in your life and take time to receive your energy and to build your aura.

When you have a clear aura, you will be able to sense your messages from your spirit guides and you will be able to understand the messages more.

Some people learn to embrace their connection with their guides and when you do this, your heart will feel stronger and you will have boundaries to get rid of things that cause your aura to be less. You can connect with high vibrational spirits and get their messages easier.

Ask for Interpretation

The best way to get an opinion on a symbol or sign is to ask someone that does not share an energy field with you.

The messages from your spirit guide can help you to move forward and can bring you truth and joy. You can share the cues that you get with someone that does not connect in your energy.

Ask the person that you trust what they think the signs and symbols mean. See what they say. If you do not have anyone to ask, you can use a deck of cards to help you with your questions.


Interpreting messages from your spirit guide can be hard and you need to understand that it takes time to learn to be able to do this. Do not get frustrated and you will soon see what you can do to understand these messages more clearly.

Clear Message

There are times when your spirit guide will message you but will have a hard time reaching you because you have a blocked chakra and other barriers that are blocking you. You need to get rid of any blockages and then your messages will come in more clearly.