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Seeing Good Luck Symbols

Good Luck Symbols

Luck is something that has been studied by scientists. It is believed that some have good fortune because they are born with it, while others believe that you can only get good luck when you work hard and are positive.

Luck is real to some, and some don’t believe in it and think its superstitious. Rather its destiny or not, here are some signs of good luck:

Seeing Luck

Rather you believe that you are a lucky person or an unlucky person, this is just how you see things around you. Some might feel lucky just to have food in their fridge and others might think that luck ahs to be something like living in a mansion or hitting the lottery.

You can look at your life and appreciate the things that you have and if you do this then you might be one of the luckiest people around.

Lucky Symbols

There are different symbols that are considered lucky around the world, and this can depend on the culture or on folklore. Luck can have symbols of mythology, religion, and superstition and this can be luck or misfortune. Some believe that when you spill salt or walk under a ladder or see a black cat that you will have bad luck. Here are some of the luckiest symbols that you can see:

  • Elephants

One important symbol of wealth and love is the elephant. Elephants are considered to be good luck in your home, and they can make people live a long life.

The Ganesha or the Ganapati and Vinayaka is considered the God of Luck in the Hindu religion. This is a god that has many arms and an elephant head and is considered to be wise and smart.

  • Horseshoes

Another lucky symbol is the horseshoe. This can mean fertility and power over evil forces. This symbol is associated with strength and power because it is used on a horse. It should be put open and facing upward so that the good luck doesn’t fall out of it.

  • Four Leaf Clovers

The four-leaf clover is an Irish good luck symbol and the Celtics believed that this could help the fairies to not trick you. This is also representative of hope, luck, and faith. One of the luckiest of the clovers is a white clover plant.

  • Keys

Keys can open things, and this is considered a lucky charm. This is something that can unlock the heart of a person and if you want to have love with someone, give them a key. Those from Ancient Greece believe that the key will reach the gods if you pray with it, and this is called the Key to Life.

  • Shooting Stars

If you see a shooting star, then it can have magical powers. This can be something exciting for someone that gets to see it happen.

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Using Feng Shui to Unblock Energy

Feng Shui

Feng Shui can be useful to help get rid of energy blocks. People that live in a home will have times when they fight and if this is happening more and more in the house then this means that you need to get rid of negative energy. Having a positive area can help to get rid of blocked energy and can help your life to be better.

Bring in the Fresh Air

Welcoming positive energy is one way to get rid of negative energy. One way to do this is to open up the windows and let out the air that is stale. Make sure that you release this negativity by shaking the blankets, pillows, and the curtains.

Get Rid of Things That are Broken

If you have things in your home that are not working or are broken either get them fixed or throw them away. This can help to get rid of negativity.

Burn Incense

Find incense that you like the smell of and burn it. This can help to keep you calm and help you to have peace in your life.

Use Sage

There are many people that burn sage in order to bring positive energy into the home. By burning sage, you can smudge your home. Do this by lighting the sage and letting the smoke go into all of the areas of your home. Don’t forget the closets and the hidden areas.

Make sure that you open the door so that the negative energy can leave your home. Always set good intentions before you start.

Crystal Cleansing

Find crystals that can bring positivity to your life. Crystals like Black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz can get rid of negative energy. Put the crystals close to your electronics so that it can get rid of negative energy from them.

Put Salt in the Corners

You can put salt in the corners of your room and leave it for two days. After you leave it for 48 hours, sweep it or vacuum it. Don’t try to use the salt again because it will have absorbed the negative energy.

Choose Round Tables and Round Home Décor

It is important with Feng Shui that you don’t use things that have sharp edges or things that have angles. This means instead that you should use round things like round tables, roundish lamp shades, circular vases, oval boxes and more. These things bring in the positive energies.

Water Buckets

You can fill a bucket of water with lemon juice, white vinegar and salt and use it to clean your home. Wipe down walls, door knobs, windows, doors, and everything in your home. You can then leave the bucket in the room to collect the negative energy.

Next, put salt in the entrance ways and cover the doormats with salt to keep the negative energy from trying to get in.

Declutter the Area

One of the best ways to use Feng Shui is to bring in positive energy and not just to get rid of it. You can also do things to get rid of negative energy and one way is to declutter your home. Get rid of things that you don’t need and that you don’t need to store. This can be sold, given away or thrown away.

Final Thoughts

Feng Shui can be used to get rid of negative energy and to bring in positive energies. Use this method to bring peace and serenity into your home.

How to Restore and Develop Your Chi

Restore and Develop Your Chi

There is a Chinese tradition called Chi that means how your energy flows through your body. There are things that you need to do to make sure that you have harmony and that you have balance in your energy.

When Your Chi is Imbalanced

A Chi that is imbalanced means that you are not going to be able to have the energy that you need, and you will become stagnant. This means that you will be in a certain state for a long period of time, and you will have stress in your body. Your body will respond to this stress like in a fight or flight response and so you need to make sure that your energy is flowing right.

Some of the symptoms of an imbalanced Chi can be:

• Stress.
• Tiredness.
• Sickness.
• Prolonged Illness.
• Physical pain.
• Problems sleeping.
• Irritability.
• Anger.
• Mood changes.

How to Have a Balanced Chi

When you feel that your Chi is imbalanced, chances are that you will feel that you are stuck. Here are some ways that you can balance and restore your Chi energies:

  • Doing Qi or Chi practices. This is when you move or you are still to get the energy to move and circulate through your body.
  • Using Tai Chi which is a breathing work.
  • Meditation is one way that you can get your energy flowing correctly by being able to stay calm and to lessen your stress.
  • This is a type of meditation that allows you to deep breathe and to find what works best in your life.
  • Body tapping. This is a way to get your energy flowing. You use rhythmic stimulation at the meridian points in the body and you tap or pat to make the energy flow.
  • Almost any kind of movement that you would do can help your energy to flow correctly. Try to walk, dance or just move so that your life can be impacted in a positive way.
  • Using ginseng, Chinese yams, red dates and other healthy foods in your diet. Always talk to a doctor before you add any kind of substances.
  • Acupuncture is one type of resource that is similar to tapping that will get the energy flowing.
  • Sleeping and rest. When you get the right amount of sleep and rest at night it can keep your mind and your body strong and healthy.

Staying Balanced

It is important that you have the right energy flow in your body. If you are needing to stay calm or balanced, you need to do what you can to align your energy with your day to day activities. Do what you can above and if you need to be calm and grounded then make sure that you find other methods of getting your Chi energy to flow.  You will get the results that you need as time moves forward.

What Your Birth Number Means

Chinese Numerology

Chinese numerology is important to many people and the Chinese believed that numbers were very important in determining things in life.


In Chinese numerology, there is a grid system that bases the numbers. There is a center line that adds up to 15 vertically, horizontally and diagonally. The number 15 is important because it takes that many days for the new moon to become a full moon.

History of Numerology

Numerology in the Chinese has been around for at least 4,000 years or more. It is based with the Lo Sho grid, and it was made from a turtle shell. It is said that Emperor Yu was on the Lo River, and he saw a turtle and thought it looked like a grid. Legend says that he is the one that inspired Feng Shui and Chinese numerology.

How to Determine Chinese Numerology

There is a chart in order to understand Chinese numerology. Here are some ways to understand the chart:

  • On paper, draw a tic-tac-toe sign.
  • Draw a border around this.
  • Use the numbers 1-9 only.
  • If the number has a zero, take it off. 20 becomes 2.

Filling Out the Chinese Chart

If you have a birthday that is March 16, 1973, it would be 03/16/1973 and you have to drop any number that has a zero. So, this would make it 3/17/1973. Here is where the numbers go:

  • The 1 is always in the left, bottom corner.
  • 2’s go above the 1.
  • 3’s go above the 1.
  • 4’s go in the middle, bottom.
  • 5’s go above the 4.
  • 6’s go above the 4.
  • 7’s go in the right, bottom.
  • 8’s go above the 7.
  • 9’s go above the 7.

Numbers and Meanings

There are two different ways that people interpret the Chinese numerology. There are two cultures, Western and Eastern. Here are what the different rows mean:

Horizontal Rows:

The bottom row with the 1, 4 or 7 mean someone’s abilities in athletics, common sense and things that have to do with the earth.

The middle row with the 2, 5 or 8 are where the emotions and the feelings come from.

The top row with the 3, 6 or 9 are the place where the logic lies.

Vertical Rows

The vertical rows can help you to know what your goals and dreams are.

The vertical left row with the 1, 2 or 3 is where your intellect and ideas come from.

The vertical middle row with the 4, 5 or 6 are where your determination is.

The vertical right row with the 7, 8 or 9 is the action that you need to take.

Meanings of the Numbers

There are different meanings for all of the numbers 1-9 in Chinese numerology.

Number 1

  • Eastern interpretation: someone is independent, and they can overcome anything. They are sometimes lonely, and they are able to overcome anything. They are very athletic.
  • Western interpretation: This is a powerful person that is full of energy and is often leaders.
  • Negative traits: can be aggressive.

Number 2

  • Eastern interpretation: This is a person that is lucky, and things come in pairs with this.
  • Western interpretation: This is a man or woman that has very strong expressions. They are successful and they believe in magic. They are considered gentle and are artistic and are caregivers.
  • Negative traits: Are often jealous and have low self-esteem.

Number 3

  • Eastern interpretation: This is a person that grows and can have strong abundance.
  • Western interpretation: They are happy and full of joy.
  • Negative traits: They are scattered and egotistical.

Number 4

  • Eastern interpretation: This can be a struggle and a tough life.
  • Western interpretation: Happy, dependable and they work hard.
  • Negative traits: Frustrated and close-minded people.

Number 5

  • Eastern interpretation: Can be both positive and negative. It can mean balance, or it can mean having no luck.
  • Western interpretation: Social, adventurous, high energy.
  • Negative traits: Addiction is something they often fall into, aren’t reliable.

Number 6

  • Eastern interpretation: Can mean abundance and having money.
  • Western interpretation: Good at being caregivers, peaceful, happy.
  • Negative traits: They are often guilty and emotional.

Number 7

  • Eastern interpretation: Have great people skills and have good relationships with friends and family.
  • Western interpretation: Deep thinkers, think on things of life, charming.
  • Negative traits: Get wrapped up in their own lives.

Number 8

  • Eastern interpretation: Wealth, greatness, luck and abundance.
  • Western interpretation: Determined, strong, intelligent.
  • Negative traits: Money-hungry and selfish.

Number 9

  • Eastern interpretation: Happy and long marriage.
  • Western interpretation: Patient, loving, creative, caring and charming.
  • Negative traits: Snobby.

Giving Proof that Psychic Giftings Do Exist

Psychic Giftings

People often look or hear the word psychic and they automatically get an idea that it will be a woman that is full of jewelry and sitting in front of a crystal ball. They believe that this is going to be something that is fake and someone that is going to take your money and scam you.

Fake psychics will often give you the idea of what a psychic will look like and what they will do, and this stereotype is what causes people to not believe that psychics are real.

People that go and get a reading will often believe that they are not going to get a real reading and will ready themselves to be scammed.

When someone goes to get a real reading, they will sometimes be told their future, or they will get details that show them that there are real psychics.

The whole problem is that there are so many psychics out in the world that are out there to just take money form the people and they are not really real.

Some psychics will go on television, and they will show the world who they are. The world is different in what they believe, and it was researched and shows that 4 out of 10 people believe psychics are real while the others don’t.

Psychics and Power

A psychic will often leave people wondering if they have spiritual giftings or if they are scammers. When a psychic is able to tell the future then the person that is experiencing it will see that the psychic can guide them and give them real information. This is especially true if the psychic gives them information that no one else would know.

When someone wants to have answers to the questions in their life, they will often take the journey to try to get a spiritual reading. They will look to psychics and their gifts, and they will believe in them. Some people do not have to be convinced that psychics are real because they have dealt with them.

There are many people that believe in psychics and there are some that do not believe that they are real. If you can find one person that believes that a psychic has real power, then you can find a world of people that will change their minds.


A psychic medium is someone that is both psychic and they are also able to talk to the dead and to the spirit world. They are able to give predictions and they are able to show people what it is like to talk to someone that has went into the afterlife.

Mediums will often show off their abilities on television shows or movies. They will prove to others that their gifts are real, and they will do what they can to disprove the idea that psychics are fake.

Many scientists and other organizations have spent countless amounts of money trying to study human energy and to find out if psychics really are real or not.


If you believe in psychics or even if you don’t, you do know that the idea behind a psychic is something that is real. Even the Pentagon spent multiple amounts of money trying to understand ESP and other psychic giftings during times of war.

Have you ever experienced something paranormal? Most people have experienced something that they can call paranormal or something that they can conclude is not normal. This might not be super life changing but it is something that they cannot deny.


Did you ever dream of something that happened years later and you felt like you were watching it like a movie? If so, this is a psychic gifting.

Even the Department of Defense spend a lot of money in a thing called “Operation Stargate” and this is a situation where people would study the idea of seeing into the future. These people would see predictions that were very accurate, and this would change the way that people worked during war.

Some would bring in mind readers to help fight when the Cold War was happening and even though the research is inconclusive, many believe that this was a huge deal.

Fortune Telling

Many people don’t believe in fortune telling and sometimes they will ask things like what the winning lottery numbers are or other things. Psychics will not give out the lottery numbers because they believe that this is wrong to do.

Sometimes a person will win the lottery and they will help others and they will use their gains to help save people but there are others that will take the money and use it for bad things.

Some people believe in using the Law of Attraction to win the lottery and if this happens, they can visualize the numbers and win.

The problem with this is that sometimes so-called psychics will tell people that the lottery numbers will win and then they don’t.

Even in law enforcement though, people have used psychics to help solve mysterious.

Accurate Readers

Some psychics are better at their gifting than others. Some are able to tell the future and other things and get it right. Some psychics can get information better than others.

It is sometimes hard to know a real psychic from a fake psychic, but you can make sure that you don’t get a fake psychic by not agreeing to cold readings. These are readings that a psychic will do by looking at your body language, asking certain questions and just guessing what will happen in your life.

They are not taking real information and applying it to the reading but just general knowledge that they know about you. There is a scientific meaning behind this called, Brannum Effect which says that people will accept information that is general if it applies to them, even though it applies to almost anyone. A fake psychic can take this general information and can tell you whatever they want.

Finding a Real Psychic

There are many places that you can walk around and find psychics and sometimes you can even get a cold reading for less than $10. But if you want to find a real psychic, the best thing that you can do is to look at trusted websites and find people that have good reviews.

Read all of the customer reviews and see if you can find one that has the skills that you are looking for to do the reading that you want to be done.


Do you believe in psychics or are you not sure if you believe in them or not? You can research this on your own and find many books and things that can tell you more about psychics.

Anyone can be a psychic and even kids can be considered psychic or to have psychic giftings. They are often limited because of society but these people often have the gift to tell the future and other things.

Get Rid of Soul Contracts with Energy Clearing

Get Rid of Soul Contracts with Energy Clearing

Having energy healing is something that most psychics tell you is very important if you need to have emotional healing. Taking care of your emotions and healing your mind and body can change your overall energy and make you to be able to manifest things that you want in your life.

When you go through things over and over again that are negative such as being abused or being neglected, you will feel that you are not yourself and that you are not who you want to be. If you have felt betrayed or let down lately or you feel that people always take advantage of you, you need to have healing.

The universe knows that you need this healing sometimes and it provides you with tools that you can use to get rid of blockages and other things that are holding you back.

Karmic Ties and Contracts

The first thing that you have to do is to make an intention that is clear and strong. You need to look at all of your seven chakras and see if you have blockages and if there is energy that you need to clear.

If you have cords or ties or if you are attached to someone that is not healthy for you, you need to figure out how to cut these cords and get rid of the attachments.

Having karmic relationships can be part of your karmic ties and they can be dangerous for your health, apart from your twin flame union which is sent from the universe.

When you have karmic contracts, these can start out good but later down the line when they are there for too long, they can become a negative thing for you.

A twin flame union will never be something bad for you because this is a divine connection that the universe has set up for you to find happiness and unconditional love for another person.

Cutting Cords

Cutting karmic cords can help to clear your energy that is blocked. This energy that is blocked can be blocked in your chakras and it can be causing your life to be hard and you to experience things like pain and heartache.

This also allows you to open up the space where your twin flame is supposed to be so that you can make that connect with them by getting rid of negative emotions.

The negative emotions are likely causing your union to be lagging and causing you to not meet your twin flame. When you get rid of these cords, you will no longer be connected to these negative things, and you will see that you can make the path where you and your twin flame can connect.

Some people might be confused by this and think that they have found a twin flame when they are only battling a karmic relationship but when you get the energy lined out, you will see that you will feel better and that you are living a healthier life.

You will also see that when you get this energy out that you make room for your twin flame, and you let your karmic partner go. This will raise your vibrational frequency and help you to be on the right path.

Making a space for your twin flame will help you to have your union. Doing this will clear blockages about of your solar plexus chakra and your heart chakra which are part of love and connections. When you get rid of the cords, you will instantly feel better, and this can tell your twin flame that you are ready for them.

As your emotions heal, you will see that your life is more effective and that you are reaching a place of unconditional love.


Make sure that you use your intentions to get rid of negative energy and energy blocks out of your chakras. Be specific and really think about your chakras and where you feel the blockages are. Let go of emotions that you have held on for too long.

Learn to associate with your chakras so that you understand them and then release the negativity from your body. These emotions might be tied to specific people and if they are, these are cords that have to be cut for you to move on.

Manifestation is still available to you, but you have to have a clear place to start. You have to clear the negative energy and then you can cut the cords that no longer benefit you. This will release your negative emotions and allow you to move on and find real love in your life.

Finding Your Twin Flame in Life

Finding Your Twin Flame in Life

Have you met someone in your life that has changed who you are or who has changed what your journey looks like? This could be your soulmate or your twin flame. What does a twin flame mean to you? How do you know if you have met your twin flame yet?

The twin flame connection is very strong, and many people don’t know what it really means to meet your twin flame. Some believe that having a twin flame means that you are going to be with someone that is a soulmate that you are romantic with. A soulmate and a twin flame are completely different things, but people make them out like they are the same.

A twin flame relationship can be someone that you have romance with, or it can just be a friendship. Sex is not always important when it comes to the twin flame relationship, and it depends on what the universe wants to give you.

Twin Flame

A twin flame is not a soulmate. A twin flame is not someone that you are just meant to fall in love with, but they are the other half of your soul. They are connected to you from reincarnation. Once you meet this person, your life will never be the same. You will see life differently and you will become a better person. Your twin flame might be romantic with you, but it might also be someone that teaches you or someone that is just your friend.

Being in a twin flame relationship means that you are both spiritual. This is not a person that will not be at the same level as you are, and they are there to change your life. A twin flame will help you to know who you are and help you to balance your feminine and masculine energies.

Having a twin flame relationship with another person is meant to help you to become a better you and to be able to develop not only this relationship but the relationship that you have with yourself. This will be a time where you see the better you and where you can have a relationship that is solid.

Meeting Your Twin Flame

You will meet your twin flame and it will be an instant connection. They will make you feel that you have always known them, and they will feel like home. This will be a time where you have to better yourself and where you see that there is a connection and things that you have both went through such as a childhood trauma.

It will be like you are seeing a picture of yourself when you look at your twin flame and this is because your soul is split in two and you share the same things. You will be a mirror to each other.

A soulmate is a life partner, but a twin flame will be a relationship that is very challenging. This relationship will show you that you have to deal with things inside of yourself that you have left hidden or refused to face in the past. This kind of relationship will be strong and there will be a time of growth in your life. This relationship will likely have some kind of separation because the relationship is hard to keep up with.

Your twin flame will be the other part of you and if the relationship ends, it will be painful for both of you. You need to keep moving on in your life if this happens but know that this is the only twin flame that you have in your life. You will have other relationships, but you only have one twin flame.

When you meet this person, it will be like you have a spark. This will make you have lessons that you need to learn in your life. You will have to look at past wounds and learn to heal yourself from the inside out. When you see your twin flame, you will see that your life is okay even if the relationship doesn’t last forever.

Using Feng Shui to Clear Your Space

Using Feng Shui to Clear Your Space

People often work from home, now more than ever, and it is important to make sure that your home is organized and that you use feng shui to keep negative energies from coming into your home. This can help you to make your home receive abundance.


Do you have a certain kind of energy that is strong? Do you want to focus more and be more creative? If you are in finances, you might focus a lot on other people’s money. You have to find a space in your office that is a place where you can think freely and where you can focus.

Use things such as:

  • Fiery red colors.
  • Yellow colors.
  • Orange colors.
  • Purple colors.
  • Metal accents.


You should always have plants in your home so that they can help you to focus and help you to feel positive. These plants can also bring you wealth.

Plants such as Pilea piperamides are great for feng shui energy because they have round leaves. You can also use bamboo or spider plants if you want something easy that requires little effort.

Be Natural

Feng shui loves the different elements and so you can use the sun and plants in order to make your office strong and happy. Let the window be open some and keep the shade up to let natural light in.

Using LED’s are better than fluorescent lights if you don’t have a window. Try to use lights that are cooler if you want to be more productive.

Change Things

Take time to change around your furniture. Change the way that your printer faces and move your computer to the other side of the office.

Keep things such as the phone, your pen holder and your files close to you so that you don’t have to move around much to gain access to them.

Keep it Clean

The desk will have a lot of papers and pens on it, maybe cups and other things that you use each day. Reduce the clutter so that you can reduce your stress.

Make sure that you have things put away until you want to use them.

Don’t be Stressed

Work is sometimes stressful and so you want to have things in your office that bring peace. Try a Zen garden or an aromatherapy candle. You can also use things such as:

  • Crystals
  • Sage
  • Palo Santo

Be Motivated

Let your office be motivational. Have quotes around the room that motivate you to work hard and to have fun while doing it.

Bring pictures of people that you love and put them around your office. Also put things around your office that you love to do such as travel pictures.

Arrange the Furniture

Make sure that the desk is situated so that you can see the door. This allows you to be in control.

If you have your back to the door, it will make you unaware when someone approaches and can make you feel out of control and jumpy.

Keep your back to the wall instead of a shelf or window if you can but keep something in front of you that you love to look at such as a family picture.

Having your furniture arranged in a way that you can relax is what feng shui is all about. This allows you to be in control and allows you to not feel confronted. Angle the chairs so that you feel laid back and that your environment feels welcoming.

Move Around

When you sit at the desk all day, it will not be good for your body or your mind. Try to get up as much as you can and stretch. Doing this will help you to be relaxed and help you to move and feel better.

Go outside and be in nature. Set a clock to go off every couple of hours to remind you to stand up and move around.

Feng shui will work for your office or your home. You can try these tips at your home to have a peaceful living space.

If you are confused about Feng shui, talk to a psychic, and see if they can help you to have some tips.

Doing this will help you to be mindful of the area around you and will give you peace and success in your life.

What Does it Mean to See a Fox?


The fox is an animal that has a strong reputation because of the fact that it is very sneaky and crafty. When you look at the fox and what it means in your spiritual life, you will see that the idea that this animal is a very clever creature makes it a very important animal in the totem.

Sometimes, different cultures see animals differently and the Native Americans for example will see the fox as one of the best guides that someone can have. If you are on a life path, the fox can come to you and be sent by the universe to help you to discover who you are.

There are ways that you can know what the fox means in the spiritual world, so keep reading.

Being Aware

The idea of being aware is important because it helps you to be able to adapt to the place that you are. If you are in different situations, you might find that you need the fox to guide you.

If the fox is your spiritual animal, then you will learn that it never changes. This is an animal that is very aware and is able to know what the information says and to use it for their advantage. The fox means that you are strong in your senses and that you need to get out of your own comfort and try something new.

Pay attention to what is going on around you and be wise in all things.


Being stealthy can be great for someone, especially someone that is negative in life. A person that is stealthy is able to know when something is wrong and when there is trouble in their life.

The fox knows when trouble is coming, and they learn to get low to the ground and adapt to wherever they are so that they can survive. The fox knows it needs to be safe. The fox will encourage you to be strong and to use your intuition to guide you when you need to be safe.

Once you learn to look at your surroundings, blend into them and you know what is going on, you can anticipate what is going to come to you and learn to be guided correctly.

Dreaming of the Fox

If you dream of the fox, chances are that you need to face obstacles in your life. You need to look at your emotions and see what is going on inside of you.

Our emotions can be hard to deal with someone’s and if there are times where you need to face your emotions, you can see that this creature can help you.

This animal works alone most of the time and when you dream of this animal, it can mean you are lonely and that you need to be with other people. This can also mean that you need some alone time to learn who you are and to grow stronger.

Look at what the dream is telling you and you will know what direction that you need to go.

Having Grace

The fox is full of grace and can move slowly and steadily. It is light on its feet, and this can mean that you need to tread lightly on your path.

You might need to look at the situations that are happening and see if you feel tricked? If you need to move faster, go, and do not wait. The fox is able to focus on what is going on around it and make fast decisions. You need to look at what is going on that is challenging you and work through it.

Never let things trick you and learn who you are inside.

Your Spirit Animal

No matter if the fox or another animal is your spirit animal, if it visits you then it is trying to give you a message. Look at how you see the animal that is part of your life and embrace whatever it is trying to tell you. Be strong in who you are and courageous in your journey.