5 Ways to Know You Found Your Soulmate


Everyone dreams of finding their soulmate. Someone who knows exactly what they are thinking and what they are feeling. Someone who gets them. For some, they waste a lot of time looking for this person that they feel may never exist.

Soulmates may be where you least expect. They may be who you least expect. They could be such a surprise that you are overlooking them. You may be oblivious to them when they are right there in front of your face.

How do you know that you found your soulmate? There are ways to know but you have to step back a bit and look at things a little more objectively. You may think you’ve found your soulmate when it is just animal lust. However, your true soul mate may be the one sitting quietly at their desk wishing you would see how much they adore you.

There are signs to identify your soulmate. Here are five:

  1. You are changed for the better.

The movie As Good As It Gets demonstrates an unusual love between Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson. Their relationship is rather tumultuous until he reveals the impact she had on him. He describes that he once didn’t always take his pills. Now, he takes them every day.

“You make me want to be a better man,” he said to her.

If someone in your life makes you want to be a better person, to do things better, to achieve more, it could very well be that person is your soulmate.

  1. Your Life Will Never Be the Same

Time is divided into two periods – BC and AC. While scientists have specific official names for these periods, most conventional thinking considers them to be “before Christ” and “after Christ.” It is thought that it is Jesus Christ that changed the world to the point that he changed how we determined time.

Those who have met their soulmate know their life will never be the same. The presence of this person will forever change you. You see life differently because of them and life wouldn’t go back to the way it was even if they left.

  1. There Is More Than Physical Attraction

Some people get confused about relationships because they feel so must physical chemistry that they believe this must be “the one.” It is possible to have an incredible magnetism for someone completely wrong for you.

Your connection will go much deeper with a soulmate. Sure, the physical is there but it seems like there is a soul connection too. You have to feel a love flow through you to them and, at times, feel like you will burst with love. This is a sign of a soul connection.

You seem to know each other’s needs and that goes beyond sex. There is a mental understanding and both seem to know when to give, what to give and when to stand back. You just know.

  1. Distance Does Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Neither of you has a problem with distance. Trust is there and both of you respect boundaries. Yet, you miss each other incredibly when you are apart and long to be together again. You are the happiest thinking about reuniting and reunions allow for sparks to fly and fireworks to explode.

  1. Both of You Seem to Know Everything

It felt as if you had always known each other even upon first meeting. It felt familiar, natural, comfortable. The fates have worked their magic and the two of you found each other.

These are some of the feelings you have when your soulmate arrives. You tend to almost know what each other is thinking and often say the same thought at the same time or do things at the same time.

Some of this may happen immediately and some may happen over time. Either way, it indicates there is a bond that goes beyond the natural realm.