Knowing the Difference Between Auras and Chakras

Knowing the Difference Between Auras and Chakras

If you want to understand the meaning of spiritual colors, you have to understand what an aura and a chakra are and know the difference between them.  The differences are vast, and they are hard to explain in a simple manner without taking up a bunch of pages.  With this article, you will get the basics of spiritual colors.

Aura and Chakra Colors

All people are born with spiritual colors and they represent even the fetus in the womb.  Our bodies will have millions of cells that give off vibrations and the body is lighter and different depending on the energy and the cells that are vibrating in our body.  This is the aura.  This is how our physical body works with the Earth.

The Aura can be defined as an energy field that has light that surrounds each of the bodies and the planets.  Each thing that lives has an aura with different colors and this is the spiritual colors of the aura.  These are based on what the aura can show you and what they mirror.  The aura colors can show the mental health or the physical health of people.

Chakras also have spiritual colors and this is from Sanskrit language that means vortexes of energies.  The vortexes of energies are in our bodies and there are seven chakras that are connected to each part of the body.  These chakras are the powers of the body and they give the energy throughout the body.

The chakras and the aura work tougher in each person and are important to each person’s health and wellbeing.  They channel the energy and if it gets unbalanced, it can cause the overall health to be impacted.  Doing Reiki and meditation can help to heal the body.

Differences Between Aura and Chakra Colors

Some people have gifts of seeing the chakra and aura colors.  Each personality has different spiritual colors and connections.  Doing this can help the individual have a happy life, especially if they can see and help other auras be healed.

The size and the shape of the aura and chakras help to identify a person.  When the person is powerful, their aura is stronger.  The biggest difference between the aura and chakra is that the colors change with the aura depending on the mood and the chakra colors only get deeper and lessen with change.  Life change can change the color of the chakra and that is all.  Auras are found outside the body and chakras are inside of the body.

Aura Colors

The colors of a healthy aura can change for individual such as:

  • Red, strong energy.
  • Bright red-sexuality.
  • Orange-business
  • Yellow and orange-academics
  • Yellow-energetic
  • Green-Social
  • Deep Green-goals
  • Blue-sensitive
  • Indigo-artistic
  • Violet-sensual
  • Lavender-fragile
  • White-spiritual

Spiritual Chakra Colors

The colors of the chakras also have a meaning:

  • Crown chakra-violet associated with peace.
  • Third Eye-Indigo associated with devotion.
  • Throat chakra-blue, associated with speaking.
  • Heart chakra-green, associated with love.
  • Solar plexus-yellow, associated with digestion.
  • Sacral chakra-orange associated with creativity.
  • Root chakra-red, associated with emotions.

Knowing the chakra and aura colors can help the individual to be more balanced and to have better energies which can make the body more healthy and stronger in the long run.