Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

Everyone has spirit guides and it is important to have a healthy and strong relationship with them.  Not only are they there to protect you, but they are there to guide you in all things you do.

Their presence can guide you and support you. They will be your companion and will give you direction when you are lost or confused.  You can turn to them when you have problems or need comfort or help.

Your guide might be a spirit, one of your dead family members or an angel.  Some have names and some will tell you their names.

Guides are there to guide you and not for you to praise them.  They will stay with you forever and they will help you to reach your goals and to make life happy for you.  They will try to guide you when you need them to and will do this in different ways.


Connecting with your spirit guide can be a great experience.  When you meditate and imagine them moving with you, they will communicate with you.  When you ask them, they can guide you and show you purpose.

To connect with them, you need to believe they are with you.  They come in different ways and you have to listen to your mind and body and the signs around you to know that they are giving you messages.

How to Communicate

It is easy to deepen your connection to your spirit guides and learn to talk to them whenever you want to.  You can keep your connection open for any time.

Ask Them

The first thing to do is to ask them to come with you.  Ask them to bring you joy and to help you on the right career path.  Ask them to bring you your soulmate and to help you make it through life when you are sad.  No request is too hard, and nothing has to be too specific.  Since you have free will, you have to ask them to help or they won’t.

Pay Attention

You always have to be open to what your spirit guides are telling you.  Communication doesn’t always come through as a voice and you have to always be listening.  Have a strong relationship with them and learn to trust them and know when you hear from them.

Write it Down

Write down your goals and your ideas and tell them to your spirit guides.  Meditate on what you write down and allow yourself to open your eyes and to go into your conscious mind.  Write down everything that you think about and then read it over and over again.  Let the spirit guides take over and see what they write to you.  Let them guide you.


Sometimes a spirit guide will give you a sign and will help you to understand that they are there for you.  Always ask them to give you a sign and tell them you want them there every day.

Let them know when you are in doubt that you need a sign from them, and they will send you a message.

Pay Attention

Once you ask your spirit guides for a sign, pay attention to what they are telling you.  Let them support you and guide you.  They will show up in ways you least expect.

A spirit guide will put love and understanding around you.  They will you what you need to hear and will walk you through the hard times in your life.  If you are surrounded by people, your guides will always be honest with you, when people won’t be.

Be Thankful

Your spirit guides are there to help you and they expect you to be thankful.  Always tell them that you appreciate them and show them you want them there.  Thank them when you have a better relationship or when your career works out.  Thank them for everything.

Trust Yourself

Learn to believe in yourself and that you have gifts.  Your guides will help you to trust in yourself and will give you energy to make it through your life.  When things are hard, they will love you and support you.  You can always feel them when they are with you.


Your spirit guide will help to guide you through your life and make everything easier for you.  Your guide will bring you comfort and will get you to do things out of the ordinary to make your life better.

Guides do not exist to do things for you, but they are there to guide you and help you.  Your guides are concerned with you and your happiness and nothing more than your own good will entice them to be with you.  Make sure you make a relationship with them and you can have a happy and peaceful life.