Giving Proof that Psychic Giftings Do Exist

Psychic Giftings

People often look or hear the word psychic and they automatically get an idea that it will be a woman that is full of jewelry and sitting in front of a crystal ball. They believe that this is going to be something that is fake and someone that is going to take your money and scam you.

Fake psychics will often give you the idea of what a psychic will look like and what they will do, and this stereotype is what causes people to not believe that psychics are real.

People that go and get a reading will often believe that they are not going to get a real reading and will ready themselves to be scammed.

When someone goes to get a real reading, they will sometimes be told their future, or they will get details that show them that there are real psychics.

The whole problem is that there are so many psychics out in the world that are out there to just take money form the people and they are not really real.

Some psychics will go on television, and they will show the world who they are. The world is different in what they believe, and it was researched and shows that 4 out of 10 people believe psychics are real while the others don’t.

Psychics and Power

A psychic will often leave people wondering if they have spiritual giftings or if they are scammers. When a psychic is able to tell the future then the person that is experiencing it will see that the psychic can guide them and give them real information. This is especially true if the psychic gives them information that no one else would know.

When someone wants to have answers to the questions in their life, they will often take the journey to try to get a spiritual reading. They will look to psychics and their gifts, and they will believe in them. Some people do not have to be convinced that psychics are real because they have dealt with them.

There are many people that believe in psychics and there are some that do not believe that they are real. If you can find one person that believes that a psychic has real power, then you can find a world of people that will change their minds.


A psychic medium is someone that is both psychic and they are also able to talk to the dead and to the spirit world. They are able to give predictions and they are able to show people what it is like to talk to someone that has went into the afterlife.

Mediums will often show off their abilities on television shows or movies. They will prove to others that their gifts are real, and they will do what they can to disprove the idea that psychics are fake.

Many scientists and other organizations have spent countless amounts of money trying to study human energy and to find out if psychics really are real or not.


If you believe in psychics or even if you don’t, you do know that the idea behind a psychic is something that is real. Even the Pentagon spent multiple amounts of money trying to understand ESP and other psychic giftings during times of war.

Have you ever experienced something paranormal? Most people have experienced something that they can call paranormal or something that they can conclude is not normal. This might not be super life changing but it is something that they cannot deny.


Did you ever dream of something that happened years later and you felt like you were watching it like a movie? If so, this is a psychic gifting.

Even the Department of Defense spend a lot of money in a thing called “Operation Stargate” and this is a situation where people would study the idea of seeing into the future. These people would see predictions that were very accurate, and this would change the way that people worked during war.

Some would bring in mind readers to help fight when the Cold War was happening and even though the research is inconclusive, many believe that this was a huge deal.

Fortune Telling

Many people don’t believe in fortune telling and sometimes they will ask things like what the winning lottery numbers are or other things. Psychics will not give out the lottery numbers because they believe that this is wrong to do.

Sometimes a person will win the lottery and they will help others and they will use their gains to help save people but there are others that will take the money and use it for bad things.

Some people believe in using the Law of Attraction to win the lottery and if this happens, they can visualize the numbers and win.

The problem with this is that sometimes so-called psychics will tell people that the lottery numbers will win and then they don’t.

Even in law enforcement though, people have used psychics to help solve mysterious.

Accurate Readers

Some psychics are better at their gifting than others. Some are able to tell the future and other things and get it right. Some psychics can get information better than others.

It is sometimes hard to know a real psychic from a fake psychic, but you can make sure that you don’t get a fake psychic by not agreeing to cold readings. These are readings that a psychic will do by looking at your body language, asking certain questions and just guessing what will happen in your life.

They are not taking real information and applying it to the reading but just general knowledge that they know about you. There is a scientific meaning behind this called, Brannum Effect which says that people will accept information that is general if it applies to them, even though it applies to almost anyone. A fake psychic can take this general information and can tell you whatever they want.

Finding a Real Psychic

There are many places that you can walk around and find psychics and sometimes you can even get a cold reading for less than $10. But if you want to find a real psychic, the best thing that you can do is to look at trusted websites and find people that have good reviews.

Read all of the customer reviews and see if you can find one that has the skills that you are looking for to do the reading that you want to be done.


Do you believe in psychics or are you not sure if you believe in them or not? You can research this on your own and find many books and things that can tell you more about psychics.

Anyone can be a psychic and even kids can be considered psychic or to have psychic giftings. They are often limited because of society but these people often have the gift to tell the future and other things.