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Accepting Your Psychic Skills

Accepting Your Psychic Skills

Discovering you are psychic can be jarring for individuals.  However, being intuitive is your natural state and your first step towards acceptance is embracing your gifts and releasing your fears.  To do this tap into your inner wisdom to understand your fears.  Understand what it is that you are afraid of and why.  Then reflect on how your psychic skills impact your life.  In particular, do you notice if creates a feeling of being overwhelmed?

One you have begun to dialogue with yourself, take stock of the answers you receive.  If you are confused by your psychic gifts, speak to other spiritual friends or research your talents.  If you become overwhelmed by emotions, then learn more about being an empath.  Finally, journal your insights and periodically review them.  Ensure that you allocate time for self-care such as meditation, yoga, a restorative walk in nature or a purifying sea salt bath.  Understand that the concerns you have are perfectly normal.  You might find it helpful to discuss your concerns with other spiritually-minded people who have undergone psychic awakenings.

Addressing common psychic ability fears

  • Judgement from yourself or others: You may be worried that loved ones will not believe you, find your “odd,” or require you to “prove yourself.”  Accept that the path you are one is different than theirs.  The only person you need to prove yourself to is you!  Find peace in working to strengthen relationships with your Spirits Guides, helping others and focus on peace and your life’s purpose.  Save conversations about spiritual and psychic issues for open-minded or spiritually-inclined individuals.
  • Meeting others: Give it time, the Universe will guide you to helpers and higher-vibrations individuals when you are ready. Breathe and understand that a psychic awakening empowers your life bringing in more peace, beauty, blessings and joy.  You will find that certain loved ones are not able to handle your psychic shift, this is ok.  Allow for a new dynamic to be created and focus on people that nourish your spirit and gifts.
  • Lingo: The term psychic might not sit right with you. Instead listen to your inner wisdom for words and phrases (perhaps intuitive) that reflects your mindset and values.
  • Isolation: It is difficult to face uncharted waters.  Although it feels like you are alone in this journey, countless others have experienced psychic awakenings.  Work to build a council of spirit around you.  Having like-minded or free-thinking people close to you can help you make sense of this emerging skill.  Plus, you can socialize and trade tips.

This gift is a blessing.  With a bit of practice and encouragement you can achieve wonderous impact for yourself and society.

Understanding People in Your Past Life

Understanding People in Your Past Life

Many people believe that they have had a different role in their lives and that they have gone through things because of things that they have done in their past.

Some believe that there are souls that come together over time and that they are there to teach them life lessons about love and forgiveness and other important things.

When you learn to know about relationships and you learn to understand the people from your past life, you can figure out why karma has affected you and how it will affect your present life. This person that you have met in your present can be an enemy or a past ex from your past life. It is important to know why someone is in your life.

Recognizing Past Life People

You need to make sure that you pay attention when you meet people. Have you met someone, and it felt like you have known them forever? Do they give you cluse about things that had to have happened in your past life? Do they challenge you?

Notice things that you remember such as jewelry or a smell that the person has. How does this remind you of your past life?

Your intuition will help to tell you if you have met this person in your past or not. Be encouraged by these moments because they will come to help you understand what is going to happen in your life.

Throughout your life, you will meet people that are important and that play an important role in your life. They will be there to help you to heal and help you to have fun in your life. You will know that you have something special with these people and you will feel different when you are with them.


There will be people that come in your life that make you feel that you have known them for your whole life.

This could be someone that a new friend introduces you to and when you meet them, you feel that you are catching up with them even though you have never met them before.

This could be a person that has experienced life with you in the past and they could be having a parallel life with you. When you find someone is familiar to you, do not think this is a coincidence but know that it has to be someone from your past.

You might have a message that your past is trying to tell you so that you can move forward in your life and learn what you need to learn.


Always pay attention to the people that you meet in your life. These people can come to you as an opportunity to help you learn things and help you to move forward.

These people can come into your life and they can help you to discover others and to connect with people that are important in your life.

Learn to embrace the people that you meet and try to figure out as much about your past life as you can so that you can figure out things that you have been wondering about.

Bringing Wealth to Your Life

Bringing Wealth to Your Life

No matter how much you try to avoid it or say it doesn’t matter, money does matter. Money affects us in all areas of our lives. When we need money, but we are lacking in it, we have a hard time doing things we need to do, and this can cause stress.

Many people want to make money and just be comfortable in their life.

There are ways that you can attract money to yourself and here is how:

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is how you call things to yourself. Whatever you put in the universe will come back to you.

If you focus your thoughts on good and positive things, good and positive things will come to you. Stop being negative about money and saying you never have enough.

Instead of saying you don’t have enough, say how much money you have and be positive and thankful for what you have. Be excited that you can have money come to you from the universe. If you are sad or angry you will attract negative in your life and never have enough.

Everything is an energy and it is from the universe. The energy you send out to the universe will come back to you in the Law of Attraction.

If you want to have more money, be positive and send out strong vibrations.

Secrets of the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction says that if you have negative thoughts then you will not be able to manifest money but instead you will have a block of you manifesting anything good.

The way that you think of money such as it being evil or it being badly needs to be replaced with positive thoughts.

Instead of thinking about how bad money is, you need to think about how comfortable you can live when you have more money. Let positive thoughts flow through you.

Having a positive mind will attract more money to you.


Know what you want and have the right intentions. If you want to have more money, know why. Do you want to buy a new car? Say so. Do you need a new house? Say so. Say how much money you want in your life.

Be clear and specific in what you want and send it to the universe. Make sure your message is clear so that the universe knows what you want.

Imagine It

The Law of Attraction means that you can think on things and they will come to you. If you want more money, think about what you would do with that money and imagine it.

You can use your mind to manifest things to you. You will want to imagine this money just as if you already have it. Imagine driving that new car and cleaning that new house.

Imagining your wealth will help you to be more positive in your life.

Positive Affirmations

Take time each day to meditate and say positive affirmations. By doing this you can attract more money to your life.

The Law of Attraction says that you need to be happy in your life and feel good to attract goodness. If you start feeling happy about what you have then you will be more relaxed, and you will call goodness to you.

Get Rid of Worries by Being Thankful

Take time each day to thank the universe for what you have. Be thankful for the things you have and put positive energy to the universe.

The universe wants to know that you appreciate it and are happy with what it does for you. Always be thankful no matter how much you have.

Attraction and Meditation

You can do these things to meditate:

  • Sit in a quiet place without distractions.
  • Sit in a highchair with your feet on the floor.
  • Breathe in and out.
  • Let go of any stress.
  • Imagine that you are in the world and you have a happy life.
  • See yourself as happy.
  • Accept the wealth the universe gives you.
  • Say positive things.
  • Describe what you want.
  • Say, “I am a money magnet, send me the money.”
  • Say, “I am able to make money easily.”
  • Say, “I am thankful for all the money I have.”
  • Say, “I enjoy making money and I love my job.”

Saying these things regularly can give you a positive mindset and help you to attract money in your life. The wealth that you get will give you a comfortable life.

What Causes Blocked Spiritual Energy?

What Causes Blocked Spiritual Energy?

People often have energy blocks that can cause their spiritual life to be blocked. If you want to have a happy life and be healthy, you have to make sure that your emotions and your physical energy are strong and that there are no blockages.

Spiritual Causes

Spiritual causes of blocked energy can come from ancestral things or can be caused by times of physical or emotional pain that have been passed down to you from generation to generation.

If someone has energy that has been blocked in the past, chances are you are suffering from that.

What Do Blockages Cause?

Blockages can cause problems in areas of your life such as:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Family Matters
  • Personal relationships
  • Finding a partner.
  • Raising children.

Remember, blockages can be powerful and so they can affect every section of your life. Having negative energy blockages can cause you to have pain in your present and in your future.

Where Blockages Are

Each person is given the opportunity to grow and to have love and peace for all beings. The love that you show to others will be passed on from your generation to the next. If you show love and thankfulness in your life, this will manifest in the spirit.

Roots, like that of a tree, grow and are connected to your ancestors. If their characters were not good, then their manifestations can bring negativity to your life.

Remember, energy never dies, and it just flows from generation to generation. You will be surprised that some people that look at their history will see how they are shaped even from years past. They will have the same kind of genes and they will share pain and experiences from the past.

You may be born and have a weak energy system due to your ancestors.

Resolving Energy Blockages

You can resolve your energy blockages by being healed and freed. There are different programs online that you can have to free up your energy patterns and to have a better life.

Look online to find places that you can go to have energy healing or talk to a psychic that you trust. Finding a good psychic can help you to have better wellbeing and better relationships in your present and in your future.

Creating a Sacred Space for Yourself

Creating a Sacred Space for Yourself

We all have rooms in our house that are for certain things such as sleeping, cooking in, watching television in and more. This is part of our lives and where we live.

The mandir, a Sanskrit word for “places where the mind is still,” is needed in your home too. This is a place that you make so that you can take time to meditate and reach out to the spiritual world.

This could be a place such as a shelf or even a whole room.


This place needs to have an alter that represents the spirit world. Some things can be put on it such as bowls that hold fruit, oil lamps, incense, flowers or more.

This needs to represent the five elements including:

  • Ether
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Water

Most adults will use these areas and children will not understand them until they are older. They will witness and observe but the adult will use this space personally.

Daily Meditation

This is a time where you light the candles and you say a chant, or a prayer and you put the spot between your eyebrows. This helps to protect the third eye.

This is a discipline that you need in your life so that you can reach the spirit world. Most of your relationships will see the ups and downs in life and so will your spiritual relationships.

You have to devote time to this relationship so that you can connect to your spiritual self and have energy and be recharged.

This will be a place where you can strengthen your life and get rid of problems.


You can reach your spiritual self and learn to turn your mind on automatic mode, but this is not reaching your divine self. You have to be present at the time and put yourself out there.

You need to see things from a different view and to have rules in your sacred place. You need to converse with the spirit world and be vulnerable. Share your dreams and your ideas.

Your spirit world will forgive you and accept you and help you with healing.

There are different rituals that you can do, and you can do this without fear and with strong hope. You can reach out to your divine energy and you can humbly put yourself out there. Let your spiritual world live within you.

Clear a space and make sure that you have a place for you to be quiet and meditate on a daily basis.

Are Star Signs Real?

Are Star Signs Real?

There is a 13th star sign and it is called Ophiuchus, but it is not a new sign. This is not something that NASA has discovered and made part of the zodiac.

The Ophiuchus has been around since ancient times and was first discovered thousands of years ago by the Ancient Greeks.

This is something that is associated with doctors and so the Ophiuchus is full of images of healing. This was thought to bring immortality to people and the serpent is there so that it can bring healing to others and bring healing herbs and items that can help people.

This is a constellation that is also associated with the Babylonians that believed that it was part of Nirah, a god who was seen with an upper body and legs that were snakes.

When people talk about this being the 13th Zodiac, they refer to people that were born between November 30 and December 17th.

Here are some facts about the Ophiuchus:

  • It has the second closest star to the Earth.
  • There is a red dwarf star that is very small.
  • This an A-type giant star.
  • This star can also be known as the “Head of the Snake Charmer,” which is an Arabic word that is Rasalhague.
  • There are two stars called Eta and Zeta that are both Ophiuchus stars. One is blue and one is red because of the dust.
  • The Zeta Ophiuchus star is one of the fastest star and moves way faster than the sun.
  • The Ophiuchus has a bunch of star clusters.
  • This is also where the Kepler’s Supernova is located.
  • The Supernova was discovered by an astronomer from German named Johannes Kepler.
  • The Ophiuchus is also a Latin name that means “Serpent Bearer.”

This is another system that is found in the constellation and it does not change what the astrology system is.

Some psychics believe that the Western Astrology system is very accurate and can help you if you know your date and time of birth and where you were born. The star signs do not change just because something else is discovered.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Nothing can be more frustrating than mercury retrograde. This can be a time when everything seems to go wrong from your phone breaking to not being able to communicate with people that are usually easy to talk to.

Mercury retrograde happens to everyone and this is a time when you have to learn to be careful. This is when you have to learn to be open minded and pay attention, so you do not fall into problems.

There are some things you should avoid during a mercury retrograde and here they are:

Serious or Personal

Make sure that you do not take things too personal during this time. You will have things that mess up, calls will be disconnected, you will misinterpret text messages and you will not be able to communicate efficiently.

Take the astrological weather into factor when this happens and do not let things hurt your feelings or take things too personal. Be patient with people and assume that it is just a mistake or the atmosphere instead of the person’s fault.


Do not start new business ideas during this time. Wait for the mercury retrograde to pass before you sign contracts or make any legal agreements.

Do not push for there to be businesses created or things that involve making money.

Electronics or Vehicles

Electronics and cars can break during this time. Be careful how you are with them and be mindful with how you are interacting with your electronics. Be extra careful so things do not get broke.


Let things be the way they are. Do not get into details and get upset. Let things go as they go and do not be upset when you are not in control of everything. Let the universe handle things right now.


Even if you want to buy something big or do home repairs, wait for a while. Save up and buy later. There is no need to rush. Be patient.


Do not take too much time to hide or relax. Even though things are iffy right now, that is no excuse to hide. Keep following the direction and pat of your life. Make plans to help your life and to finish your goals.

Things to Do During Mercury Retrograde

Some great things you can do during this time are to build crystal grids. These are tools that are powerful and can help you to bring things to you that you want in your life. Using stones to connect with the Mercury is a good idea and can help to get rid of some of the issues that you might have.

Find ways to create your grid and you can use your imagination to help you. Use crystals that are strong and that bring in manifestations.


The Mercury retrograde can be hard but it also teaches you a lesson. This teaches you to have patience and to be aware of what is happening in your life and around you. It can be a time where you are clearer about where you are going and what you should do.

Take time to sit down and thing about things in your life and learn what you can. Take advantage of this time and learn to see great results as you listen.

Psychic Power at Your Hands

Psychic Power at Your Hands

Everyone is looking for answers in life and getting answers is easier than you think. You can go to a psychic and get the answers you need, or you can use your own gifts to get answers.

One of the best ways that you can get answers is to ask the right questions, to be straightforward and to be positive. Ask yes or no questions and ask questions that are easy and simple to answer.

You can do this by closing your mind and asking your spirit guides to give you the answers. You can imagine looking at a traffic light. Ask your question and notice which color lights up. If the light changes green, do it. If the light is yellow, be cautious and if it is red, say no.

This is something that can be used with yes or no questions but not all questions can be answered that easily. There might be symbols or signs that show you things and answer questions for you. Be wise and knowledgeable and make sure that you pay attention to what is going on around you.

In your life is Akashic records. These are things that have come before you were even born. They are records about things in your life and all the things that have happened to you.

If you have questions, get Akashic tarot cards, and use them as a tool to get insight and to figure out your powers.

Using your insight and knowledge can help you to get the answers that you are looking for. All you have to do is learn to practice and to pay attention to the answers that you get. You have to learn to be okay with symbols and signs because some people never get word answers, while others do.

Some people only get visual signs or pictures. When you develop your psychic power, your Akashic records will give you symbols, and signs and you may not know what they mean. This is something that can be questionable to some people.

If you have a question about something in your life, ask it and imagine what symbols you see. Imagine that you are looking at plans out in front of you and you are looking at details.

Let this give you the outcome that is going to happen. Maybe you will see yourself being successful or maybe you will see that you need to drop the project.

There are different symbols that can give you different answers and you have to choose the path that you take. These symbols can give you insight and can happen anytime or any place that you ask a question. Even when things seem boring, just be patient and wait.

Akashic Tarot cards can help you just like the red/yellow and green light questions. Working with these kinds of tarot cards can help you to increase your psychic giftings and help you to know what to do in your life.

You do not have to go into a trance to reach your Akashic records and your tarot cards can give you all of the answers that you seek.

Having Empathy

Having Empathy

Many people have heard of what empathy is and maybe you believe that you are an empathetic person. Being an empath means that you are able to know what other people are feeling, no matter what the situation is.

An empathetic person will have different emotions and will pick up both negative and positive feelings. This person is usually very understanding and usually is kindhearted and loving. They learn to care for each other and will show compassion when someone loses their job or is hurting over something. They are also very happy when good news comes.

An empath is someone that puts their feelings into the way that they live. They often feel that they are not able to live their own lives because of the feelings of others are so strong.

An empath is someone that is more than just someone that shows empathy. An empath does not just feel feelings, they take it further. They not only feel the feelings of others, but they take these feelings on their own selves and they experience these feelings.

Having empathy does not automatically make you an empath because empathetic people feel deeply for other people in both positive and negative ways.

If someone feels the feelings of others, does that make them an empath? The truth is, this is a yes and a no answer.

Being an empath means that you have empathy for others, but it goes deeper than that.

Empathy Versus Being an Empath

Someone that is an empath will put their heart on the line for others. They will have feelings that make them physically, emotionally, and mentally feel the feelings of others. Empaths feel others but they also take those feelings inside of themselves and they become those feelings.

Empaths are able to pick up feelings when someone does not share them. They are able to feel the energies that others have, and they soak them into their souls. Depending on the energies that the empath is surrounded by will depend on how the empath feels. These feelings can be joy, happiness, sadness, anger, and the moods can shift at any time.

People wonder how an empath learns to care for themselves and the truth is, they have to learn to handle their emotions. They will feel the emotions of others and this can leave them confused and overwhelmed because they have to handle their own feelings on top of others.

An empath can have physical sicknesses including high blood pressure and headaches.

Empath Emotions and Other Emotions

An empath needs to learn to take a step back and look at their surroundings. They need to determine if they are picking up the energies of others or if they are reacting to their own emotions. Learning to recognize this is very important.

Enjoying this Gift

Even though being an empath can be hard, it is important to live up to it and to own it. An empath is full of love and compassion for others, they love animals, children, and people. They want to be intimate in their mind and soul with others and they want to help others when they need it.

Empaths want people to be happy. Being an empath does not make someone too sensitive, they just naturally are. They also do not need to be tougher.

An empath needs to accept who they are and learn to experience the emotions that life brings them.

Toxic Relationships

Empaths can enjoy helping others, but this can also make them co-dependent. When an empath sees someone in need, chances are they will get close to that person and sometimes that person is a narcissist.

Narcissists seem to go towards those that can give them love and attention and after they suck the life out of the empath, they often become cold and mean to their partner.

Narcissists will cause relationships to become broken and it can make the empath want to heal them, when the truth is, they cannot.


An empath has to set boundaries. Even if an empath is meant to be kind and compassionate, they also have to learn to set boundaries so that they can have a good well-being. This means to make sure to be able to say no, to meditate each day, to relax and take time for themselves.


Empaths enjoy connecting with people and they can do this at home, at work or even in the community. An empath should look for a support group so that they can share like-minded conversations.

Empaths will get the energies from people around them and if they are with an empath, they will be able to have enjoyable conversations and know their own emotions from others.

Awakening Your Inner Self

Awakening Your Inner Self

We all have the power to be kinder and to love more. We have the chance to love people unconditionally and to reach towards the light. We also have the chance to increase our energies to match up with the universe.

The things that we do can change our life and make us have a better life or the choices that we choose can make our lives worse. If we want to have a better life, we have to reach inside and figure out what we want our spiritual being to look like. We have to decide if we are going to have good vibes or negative vibes in our lives.

We will never be happy if we live our life full of hate, negativity, and fear. We are the ones that can bring about good energies in our lives and we have the abilities to spread this to others and make the world a better place.

We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for being and we can awaken our spiritual being if we just learn to raise our energy levels and our vibrations.

Here are some ways to do that:


Judging others will not help you and will not give you positive energy. When you judge others, you will have less power.

If you find that you have less energy and you remember that you misjudged someone recently, this could be why. Doing this can cause you to be weak and to have little energy or power.

If you judge others and you are not kind, see how it makes you feel. By not judging others, you can have better feelings and joy and you can increase your vibrations.

Inner Spirit

If you want to work on your inner spirit, you can meditate and have more joy and energy in your life.

Take time to close your eyes, deep breathe and meditate. Focus your energies on yourself and the spirit world. Do this exercise often so that you can reach your inner being and become close to your spiritual self.

Helping Others

When you feel that you can no longer go on, chances are you have negative energies that you are fighting. When you feel that you have no energy and no power, you have to change this.

You need to find someone that you can help and when you do this, it will increase your powers and give you energy and positive vibes. Find someone that you can help, volunteer your time, or mentor someone.

Whatever good thing you choose to do, make sure that it brings value and goodness of that person. Once you do this, notice how your energies change and what you feel like.

When you help others, you increase your healing power and you can use this to help heal your own problems or the problems of those that you care about.

Mind Stimulation

Imagine what you want in your life. Imagine what you would feel like to be free. Imagine getting things that you want in your life. You can bring things to fruition if you learn to imagine it. You can transform what you want in your life to reality.

Imagine what you dream about when you sleep. Is this something that will motivate you to be better and something that gives you power?

When you allow yourself to create this world in your mind, you are manifesting it to yourself. This can help you to increase your psychic abilities and help you to find your gifts.

Find Your Gifts

When you want to have an awakening, you will. You can increase the power of your spirit and this can help you to continue on your journey and be closer to transforming your life.

You can help to make the world a better place by being strong and being the person that you were meant to be in life.