Using Feng Shui to Clear Your Space

Using Feng Shui to Clear Your Space

People often work from home, now more than ever, and it is important to make sure that your home is organized and that you use feng shui to keep negative energies from coming into your home. This can help you to make your home receive abundance.


Do you have a certain kind of energy that is strong? Do you want to focus more and be more creative? If you are in finances, you might focus a lot on other people’s money. You have to find a space in your office that is a place where you can think freely and where you can focus.

Use things such as:

  • Fiery red colors.
  • Yellow colors.
  • Orange colors.
  • Purple colors.
  • Metal accents.


You should always have plants in your home so that they can help you to focus and help you to feel positive. These plants can also bring you wealth.

Plants such as Pilea piperamides are great for feng shui energy because they have round leaves. You can also use bamboo or spider plants if you want something easy that requires little effort.

Be Natural

Feng shui loves the different elements and so you can use the sun and plants in order to make your office strong and happy. Let the window be open some and keep the shade up to let natural light in.

Using LED’s are better than fluorescent lights if you don’t have a window. Try to use lights that are cooler if you want to be more productive.

Change Things

Take time to change around your furniture. Change the way that your printer faces and move your computer to the other side of the office.

Keep things such as the phone, your pen holder and your files close to you so that you don’t have to move around much to gain access to them.

Keep it Clean

The desk will have a lot of papers and pens on it, maybe cups and other things that you use each day. Reduce the clutter so that you can reduce your stress.

Make sure that you have things put away until you want to use them.

Don’t be Stressed

Work is sometimes stressful and so you want to have things in your office that bring peace. Try a Zen garden or an aromatherapy candle. You can also use things such as:

  • Crystals
  • Sage
  • Palo Santo

Be Motivated

Let your office be motivational. Have quotes around the room that motivate you to work hard and to have fun while doing it.

Bring pictures of people that you love and put them around your office. Also put things around your office that you love to do such as travel pictures.

Arrange the Furniture

Make sure that the desk is situated so that you can see the door. This allows you to be in control.

If you have your back to the door, it will make you unaware when someone approaches and can make you feel out of control and jumpy.

Keep your back to the wall instead of a shelf or window if you can but keep something in front of you that you love to look at such as a family picture.

Having your furniture arranged in a way that you can relax is what feng shui is all about. This allows you to be in control and allows you to not feel confronted. Angle the chairs so that you feel laid back and that your environment feels welcoming.

Move Around

When you sit at the desk all day, it will not be good for your body or your mind. Try to get up as much as you can and stretch. Doing this will help you to be relaxed and help you to move and feel better.

Go outside and be in nature. Set a clock to go off every couple of hours to remind you to stand up and move around.

Feng shui will work for your office or your home. You can try these tips at your home to have a peaceful living space.

If you are confused about Feng shui, talk to a psychic, and see if they can help you to have some tips.

Doing this will help you to be mindful of the area around you and will give you peace and success in your life.