What Can a Psychic Really Reveal?

What Can a Psychic Really Reveal?

There are many people who have negative views  about those with psychic powers and what they are really doing in life. While it may not be easy to change the views people have about psychics, we can help others understand what a psychic should be and what can be expected from a true psychic when you go to learn something from one.

There is a profound concept that is known as a psychic advisor which is the idea that we are all alive to learn something and to grow as we evolve toward a perfect soul. When a true psychic is properly doing their job, they should be assisting you in an awareness in some area of life. This is why you are seeking advice. Psychic advice is, or can be, powerful because of the insight provided that would otherwise be lost. This is because you may be so embroiled in daily activities that you shut down personal intuition and higher self access. Psychics are able to access unseen elements that so exist in all of us, but are hidden. These can be deciphered with developed psychic intuition and divination tools much easier, which is what a psychic can provide. Psychics are typically born with this gift and it develops over time, with work.

A psychic is supposed to be able to help you help yourself. This person does not stand in place of your own inner powers, insights, or even judgement, but shows you how to tap into this yourself. A true, intuitive psychic is to be used for guidance, not decision making and should give you probable outcomes based on your energy during the reading. Any prediction can be changed because we hold that power, especially if a psychic sees a certain outcome with a particular choice. This is especially meaningful when a psychic sees an unfavorable outcome because you know you have the power to change it. Each reading is a chance to think about what could happen and to take action or gauge reactions to change a situation. Every conflict is an opportunity. We can harmonize energy based on your personal thoughts and actions. Put simply, every outcome is not pre-ordained and can be altered.

So many times, we need help finding our way and speaking to an authentic psychic can open up your life to further possibilities to exercise free will as opposed to being stuck in uncontrollable circumstances. When we receive deep insights into our lives, it can have a strong effect on consciousness, igniting our empowerment. All souls are on a quest for empowerment as we work toward spiritual perfection. Knowing this, we must remember that what a psychic can tell you is highly varied. It starts with establishing what type of information you are really seeking and then you must find the right psychic. Not all psychics provide the same types or levels of services. Make sure you find one that is ethical and professional at all times.

Different Expertise

There are psychics out there that claim all their readings are 100% accurate and can do it all. These are unlikely to be highly ethical psychic because no one is that perfect. Find a psychic with one or two specialties that can tell you what they can and cannot do. For example, not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychics and if you need a specific type of reading, they may not be right for the job.

Different Methods

Psychics prefer and use different methods. Some are clairvoyant, clairaudient, mediums, or use different divination tools. How they work and what tools are used, if any, can limit or extend what they can tell you based on their gift and talents. These elements work together to get you accurate information, but can be limited to their specifics. Depending on what you need and how it can be accessed, will be the type of psychic you need to seek. While the tools used are not as important as skill, it is important to know what to expect when scheduling a reading. Those who truly want to help others will have mastered their skills.

Common Pitfalls

There are some psychics and clairvoyants, as well as other ‘readers’ that may not be able to assist you with what you need in that moment. As an example, if you contact a psychic to find out if you will get back to with your ex and they tell you they see a time in the near future where you are wearing a blue dress and being given a cuddly kitten, this is not necessarily helpful. It may be a positive moment, but it is not what information you wanted. Make sure they can offer what you need, not just helpful information about a general life event. If you were happy to receive the information described above, you may be pleased, but your questions are left unanswered. Still, this is often just a sign of an inexperienced seeker of psychic information. This can turn someone into a believer, but for real answers, find the right psychic. Before receiving a reading, ask the psychic exactly what their expertise is in and then choose.

Learn the difference between types of psychics because one who is empathic can feel the emotions of others, while a telepathic psychic can know another’s thoughts. The type of psychic you are using will determine the information received. So, keep the skill level and type of information in mind before choosing a given psychic. Just because someone has an ability does not mean they are well seasoned in the skill. Remember that the outcomes are based on current energy when the reading occurs because if you are doubtful, the reading will be different. Also know that we can change outcomes based on decisions, the psychic is just providing information based on certain directions or options. While some things in life are predestined, free will still exists. Psychics can help you find things in life that have been eluding you or tell you if there is a karmic block. This builds self-awareness and can be a turning point. This is the job of a psychic or spiritual advisor.

What Should Not Come from a Psychic

There are things you should never hear from a psychic. They should not tell you which decision to make. They can point you in certain directions and sense outcomes, but should not decide. Their job is to empower, not control. An ethical psychic should also never predict death, nor mention spells to alter your life course. This will bring on negative karma that could be devastating in nature. Furthermore, a psychic should never tell you they can make something happen because this is false. Again, these are spiritual advisors that can advise, but not control your decisions or life path. Also beware of psychics saying they can provide energy work at length and for extra funds. The same holds true for breaking curses.


Know your psychic and what type of information you need before making a choice. Do not fear asking your psychic their specialty and avoid those that specialize in everything. Also ask about training or experience because a gift must be developed to truly help others. Do your homework and realize everyone has limitations and no one will be totally accurate. Ignore such claims to the opposite.