Bettering Your Intuition

Bettering Your Intuition

When you are first starting out noticing your intuition, you might not understand what is going on.  You might not understand that you have a gift or psychic abilities.  Sometimes, you might even find that you are resisting these gifts.

As time goes on, you will see how important this gift is and you will want to do what you can to increase the gift and to make your dreams and experiences shine.

Being an intuitive means that you have to learn to listen to yourself.  The definition of an intuitive is having abilities to understand things without real evidence.  A psychic is someone that is naturally able to have gifts where they can talk to the spiritual realm such as a clairvoyant or a medium.

Intuition is a gift that allows your soul to know what is going on.  Each person has this gift, but some are stronger than others.  Many people are gifted with multiple psychic gifts such as intuition, Tarot reading, mind reading and more.

There are ways you can increase your intuition and psychic abilities, but you have to learn to trust and listen to what your mind and heart are telling you.

Being Different

Some people that have gifts have rebelled against them because they want to be traditional thinkers.  They worry about being strange and being different.  If you want to manifest your powers, you have to learn to eat different, practice life differently and believe in things differently.

You have to learn to believe in magic.


A person that has intuition is usually an empath.  This means they have compassion for others, and they are able to understand the feelings other people have.  They even sometimes feel physical pain that others are feeling.

Being sensitive can open up creativity and can increase your psychic gifts.  You must always be careful that being too sensitive does not cause you to be obsessed in what others do.  You have to set up boundaries and learn to protect your sensitive side so that you do not drive yourself crazy.

Being an empath means that you will have intense relationships with people.

The Now

Intuitive are good at focusing on what is in front of them and getting rid of past hurts.  They have to be able to focus or they would go into self-serving ways and feel sorry for themselves.

Intuitive also have painful experiences and they process their pain differently than others do.  Many intuitive are teachers, doctors, veterinarians and other helping careers.

When you are an intuitive, you have access to what you need at the moment and when your emotions are strong, they have to be filtered through what is going on.  You have to learn not to feel sorry for yourself.


When you want to have answers, you need silence.  You need to spend time alone and meditate.  Not only is meditating good for getting answers, it can also put you into a place where you can heal your inner being after gathering all of the emotions of everyone.  It is hard to trust your mind and your intuition when you have a buildup of negative energies.

Human connections can drain an intuitive and they need to have good humor and strength in order to move on.  They have to do things that will cleanse them each day and take downtime when needed.  If an intuitive need to be alone, that is okay, this is just part of the journey.


Spiritual rituals are almost as important as breathing for an intuitive.  It doesn’t matter what choices you make as long as you make choices that are right for you.  As an intuitive, you honor creativity and you love the spiritual practices.

Follow certain traditions that work best for you.  If you are compassion or irritated, learn to recognize these feelings and then know what to do with them.


The higher communication you have with your soul, the more wisdom you will get.  People that have strong intuition tend to let their wisdom show.  They use their heart and they balance their chakras in order to do the best thing for their mind and bodies, but more importantly, for others.

If your intuition alerts you to something, you are good at paying attention to it because you trust your soul to take care of you.


Intuitive are highly creative and they like to do things such as play music or paint.  Maybe they spend a lot of time online finding things they can make.  Intuitive are dreamers and they want to express themselves.  They like to be creative because this is an outlet for their emotions.

If you find someone is depressed or angry, they need to become one with nature and create something.


Intuitive have big dreams.  Their dreams are strong and powerful and normally colorful.  The spirits use these dreams to speak to intuitive.

Journal these dreams so that you can know what they mean and you can find peace in your listening.  Practice knowing what your dreams mean and working to a freedom where you can tap into your dreams and help others.


Listening to your intuition will free you and make you no longer a slave to yourself.  The heart can help you to become wiser and to lead people to freedom.  Trust your intuition and go on the journey.  Be aware and help other people.