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Chinese Numerology

What Your Birth Number Means

Chinese numerology is important to many people and the Chinese believed that numbers were very important in determining things in life.


In Chinese numerology, there is a grid system that bases the numbers. There is a center line that adds up to 15 vertically, horizontally and diagonally. The number 15 is important because it takes that many days for the new moon to become a full moon.

History of Numerology

Numerology in the Chinese has been around for at least 4,000 years or more. It is based with the Lo Sho grid, and it was made from a turtle shell. It is said that Emperor Yu was on the Lo River, and he saw a turtle and thought it looked like a grid. Legend says that he is the one that inspired Feng Shui and Chinese numerology.

How to Determine Chinese Numerology

There is a chart in order to understand Chinese numerology. Here are some ways to understand the chart:

  • On paper, draw a tic-tac-toe sign.
  • Draw a border around this.
  • Use the numbers 1-9 only.
  • If the number has a zero, take it off. 20 becomes 2.

Filling Out the Chinese Chart

If you have a birthday that is March 16, 1973, it would be 03/16/1973 and you have to drop any number that has a zero. So, this would make it 3/17/1973. Here is where the numbers go:

  • The 1 is always in the left, bottom corner.
  • 2’s go above the 1.
  • 3’s go above the 1.
  • 4’s go in the middle, bottom.
  • 5’s go above the 4.
  • 6’s go above the 4.
  • 7’s go in the right, bottom.
  • 8’s go above the 7.
  • 9’s go above the 7.

Numbers and Meanings

There are two different ways that people interpret the Chinese numerology. There are two cultures, Western and Eastern. Here are what the different rows mean:

Horizontal Rows:

The bottom row with the 1, 4 or 7 mean someone’s abilities in athletics, common sense and things that have to do with the earth.

The middle row with the 2, 5 or 8 are where the emotions and the feelings come from.

The top row with the 3, 6 or 9 are the place where the logic lies.

Vertical Rows

The vertical rows can help you to know what your goals and dreams are.

The vertical left row with the 1, 2 or 3 is where your intellect and ideas come from.

The vertical middle row with the 4, 5 or 6 are where your determination is.

The vertical right row with the 7, 8 or 9 is the action that you need to take.

Meanings of the Numbers

There are different meanings for all of the numbers 1-9 in Chinese numerology.

Number 1

  • Eastern interpretation: someone is independent, and they can overcome anything. They are sometimes lonely, and they are able to overcome anything. They are very athletic.
  • Western interpretation: This is a powerful person that is full of energy and is often leaders.
  • Negative traits: can be aggressive.

Number 2

  • Eastern interpretation: This is a person that is lucky, and things come in pairs with this.
  • Western interpretation: This is a man or woman that has very strong expressions. They are successful and they believe in magic. They are considered gentle and are artistic and are caregivers.
  • Negative traits: Are often jealous and have low self-esteem.

Number 3

  • Eastern interpretation: This is a person that grows and can have strong abundance.
  • Western interpretation: They are happy and full of joy.
  • Negative traits: They are scattered and egotistical.

Number 4

  • Eastern interpretation: This can be a struggle and a tough life.
  • Western interpretation: Happy, dependable and they work hard.
  • Negative traits: Frustrated and close-minded people.

Number 5

  • Eastern interpretation: Can be both positive and negative. It can mean balance, or it can mean having no luck.
  • Western interpretation: Social, adventurous, high energy.
  • Negative traits: Addiction is something they often fall into, aren’t reliable.

Number 6

  • Eastern interpretation: Can mean abundance and having money.
  • Western interpretation: Good at being caregivers, peaceful, happy.
  • Negative traits: They are often guilty and emotional.

Number 7

  • Eastern interpretation: Have great people skills and have good relationships with friends and family.
  • Western interpretation: Deep thinkers, think on things of life, charming.
  • Negative traits: Get wrapped up in their own lives.

Number 8

  • Eastern interpretation: Wealth, greatness, luck and abundance.
  • Western interpretation: Determined, strong, intelligent.
  • Negative traits: Money-hungry and selfish.

Number 9

  • Eastern interpretation: Happy and long marriage.
  • Western interpretation: Patient, loving, creative, caring and charming.
  • Negative traits: Snobby.

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