What is a Heart Wall and How Does It Impact You?

Heart Wall

When something negatively or traumatic happens to you in your life such as going through a divorce or a breakup or being abandoned by someone, being abused or even being in an accident, your heart will hurt, and your mind starts building a wall around your heart.

This happens because you want to protect yourself.

What is a Heart Wall?

A heart wall is more than an attachment, but it is more of an occupant in your heart. This is what causes you to have karmic problems. The wall that you put around your heart will be there to help you to be protected from more hurt. This is a subconscious wall that you put to keep out toxic negativity and to help you to survive.

This wall is a temporary wall that is there to protect you, but no one has told you how to get rid of this wall once it does what it is meant to do.

What is a Heart Wall Made of?

If you have been betrayed because of a breakup, this will leave you feeling hurt and abandoned. This affects your heart chakra. This can be something negative that causes you to build up something around your heart.

This wall is made up of different energies from the negative things that you have experienced in your life and this wall helps you to feel safe and protected when hurting.

Why Does This Hurt You?

Even though this heart wall protects you from negative energy getting into your heart, this is something that is also there to stop you from being able to find love and peace and joy in your heart.

The heart wall will be there to protect you and it does whatever you want it to do. Nothing can actually get in your heart, but the heart wall protects things from coming out such as your happiness. Your heart wall will protect you from things going in and coming out.

The heart wall protects your emotions, but it will become a bondage to you if you do not get it removed after you are healed. Your heart wall protects you from having happiness and excitement in your life.

Emotional Prison

The heart wall has a very good purpose and that is to protect you for a short time from your emotions but if it stays too long, it will cause you to be a prisoner in your emotions. You have to make sure you remove this after it helps you.

The things that you want in your life such as love, and happiness will be trapped in your heart wall and this means that you will not be able to give those things to other people.

Until you let these emotions out, you will not have the emotions that you need to make you happy. A heart wall is not living but surviving.

You want to make sure that you live your life and are not just surviving to make it through. Remove your heart wall and learn to live a fulfilling and happy life.