Implications of Planetary Misalignment

Planetary Misalignment

The term “out of bound” goes beyond the sport metaphors to the world of astrology.  Planet that are misaligned can impact us both positively and negatively.  The last astrologer, KT Boehrer, coined the term “out of bounds” in relation to the latitude of planets to the equator and sun’s movement.  An Out of Bounds (OOB) planet’s declination exceeds 23 degrees 27 minutes either North or South of the equator.  The more OOB planets a person has in their natal chart and the further the declination of each planet, the more creativity they possess and the greater their interests are from the societal norms.

These differences can be either positive or negative.  Positively, OOB planets create visionaries, inspirers, originators and people full of freedom of thought and action.  Conversely, the negatives of OOB planets include abnormal thoughts or feelings, mental instability and disregard for law and order.  Typically, people with multiple OOB planets feel misunderstood and not valued by society.  Thankfully, this can often result in them bringing great innovation and fresh ideas to humanity.

OOB planet fun facts

  • The sun, Saturn and Neptune will never be Out of Bounds, and Jupiter seldom goes OOB
  • The moon is most commonly is OOB and can reach a maximum of almost 29 degrees about every 19 years.
  • Out of Bounds planet can affect a generation! Uranus and Pluto rarely exceed 23 degrees 27 minutes, but when they do it can last for a generation.
  • Out of Bounds planet individuals create a lasting impact on the world in both positive and negative regards.
  • Having a planet go out of the bounds means it is no longer governed by the sun. When this happens, the planet can behave mischievously!

Recognizing if you have any Out of Bounds planets

The simplest method is to find a free natal chart service online and plug in the necessary data.

The positives and negatives of OOB planets

People with OOB planets love to challenge social norms in both positive and negative ways.  In his article, The Out-of-Bounds Moons, Steven Forrest highlights nine common manifestations and provides examples.  We have listed four frequently occurring categories and examples:

  • Choosing to leave conventions: These people desire to shed the shackles of rules and expectations that society gives.  This includes ignoring society’s concept of their gender, age, or habits.  One example is Cat Stevens, a 1960s era musician that gave up his fame to follow his Muslim faith
  • Geniuses: People like Elon Musk that thinks outside the box.
  • Eccentrics: People that march to the beat of their own drum like Russell Brand
  • Sociopath and Criminals: Think people like Jack the Ripper

Blaze your own trail!

Discovering if and how many OOB planets you have can shine much need light into your inner working.  You can then see how you may be challenging society’s norms and reshaping humanity for a new generation.