Creating a Sacred Space for Yourself

Creating a Sacred Space for Yourself

We all have rooms in our house that are for certain things such as sleeping, cooking in, watching television in and more. This is part of our lives and where we live.

The mandir, a Sanskrit word for “places where the mind is still,” is needed in your home too. This is a place that you make so that you can take time to meditate and reach out to the spiritual world.

This could be a place such as a shelf or even a whole room.


This place needs to have an alter that represents the spirit world. Some things can be put on it such as bowls that hold fruit, oil lamps, incense, flowers or more.

This needs to represent the five elements including:

  • Ether
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Water

Most adults will use these areas and children will not understand them until they are older. They will witness and observe but the adult will use this space personally.

Daily Meditation

This is a time where you light the candles and you say a chant, or a prayer and you put the spot between your eyebrows. This helps to protect the third eye.

This is a discipline that you need in your life so that you can reach the spirit world. Most of your relationships will see the ups and downs in life and so will your spiritual relationships.

You have to devote time to this relationship so that you can connect to your spiritual self and have energy and be recharged.

This will be a place where you can strengthen your life and get rid of problems.


You can reach your spiritual self and learn to turn your mind on automatic mode, but this is not reaching your divine self. You have to be present at the time and put yourself out there.

You need to see things from a different view and to have rules in your sacred place. You need to converse with the spirit world and be vulnerable. Share your dreams and your ideas.

Your spirit world will forgive you and accept you and help you with healing.

There are different rituals that you can do, and you can do this without fear and with strong hope. You can reach out to your divine energy and you can humbly put yourself out there. Let your spiritual world live within you.

Clear a space and make sure that you have a place for you to be quiet and meditate on a daily basis.