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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Nothing can be more frustrating than mercury retrograde. This can be a time when everything seems to go wrong from your phone breaking to not being able to communicate with people that are usually easy to talk to.

Mercury retrograde happens to everyone and this is a time when you have to learn to be careful. This is when you have to learn to be open minded and pay attention, so you do not fall into problems.

There are some things you should avoid during a mercury retrograde and here they are:

Serious or Personal

Make sure that you do not take things too personal during this time. You will have things that mess up, calls will be disconnected, you will misinterpret text messages and you will not be able to communicate efficiently.

Take the astrological weather into factor when this happens and do not let things hurt your feelings or take things too personal. Be patient with people and assume that it is just a mistake or the atmosphere instead of the person’s fault.


Do not start new business ideas during this time. Wait for the mercury retrograde to pass before you sign contracts or make any legal agreements.

Do not push for there to be businesses created or things that involve making money.

Electronics or Vehicles

Electronics and cars can break during this time. Be careful how you are with them and be mindful with how you are interacting with your electronics. Be extra careful so things do not get broke.


Let things be the way they are. Do not get into details and get upset. Let things go as they go and do not be upset when you are not in control of everything. Let the universe handle things right now.


Even if you want to buy something big or do home repairs, wait for a while. Save up and buy later. There is no need to rush. Be patient.


Do not take too much time to hide or relax. Even though things are iffy right now, that is no excuse to hide. Keep following the direction and pat of your life. Make plans to help your life and to finish your goals.

Things to Do During Mercury Retrograde

Some great things you can do during this time are to build crystal grids. These are tools that are powerful and can help you to bring things to you that you want in your life. Using stones to connect with the Mercury is a good idea and can help to get rid of some of the issues that you might have.

Find ways to create your grid and you can use your imagination to help you. Use crystals that are strong and that bring in manifestations.


The Mercury retrograde can be hard but it also teaches you a lesson. This teaches you to have patience and to be aware of what is happening in your life and around you. It can be a time where you are clearer about where you are going and what you should do.

Take time to sit down and thing about things in your life and learn what you can. Take advantage of this time and learn to see great results as you listen.

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