Accepting Your Psychic Skills

Accepting Your Psychic Skills

Discovering you are psychic can be jarring for individuals.  However, being intuitive is your natural state and your first step towards acceptance is embracing your gifts and releasing your fears.  To do this tap into your inner wisdom to understand your fears.  Understand what it is that you are afraid of and why.  Then reflect on how your psychic skills impact your life.  In particular, do you notice if creates a feeling of being overwhelmed?

One you have begun to dialogue with yourself, take stock of the answers you receive.  If you are confused by your psychic gifts, speak to other spiritual friends or research your talents.  If you become overwhelmed by emotions, then learn more about being an empath.  Finally, journal your insights and periodically review them.  Ensure that you allocate time for self-care such as meditation, yoga, a restorative walk in nature or a purifying sea salt bath.  Understand that the concerns you have are perfectly normal.  You might find it helpful to discuss your concerns with other spiritually-minded people who have undergone psychic awakenings.

Addressing common psychic ability fears

  • Judgement from yourself or others: You may be worried that loved ones will not believe you, find your “odd,” or require you to “prove yourself.”  Accept that the path you are one is different than theirs.  The only person you need to prove yourself to is you!  Find peace in working to strengthen relationships with your Spirits Guides, helping others and focus on peace and your life’s purpose.  Save conversations about spiritual and psychic issues for open-minded or spiritually-inclined individuals.
  • Meeting others: Give it time, the Universe will guide you to helpers and higher-vibrations individuals when you are ready. Breathe and understand that a psychic awakening empowers your life bringing in more peace, beauty, blessings and joy.  You will find that certain loved ones are not able to handle your psychic shift, this is ok.  Allow for a new dynamic to be created and focus on people that nourish your spirit and gifts.
  • Lingo: The term psychic might not sit right with you. Instead listen to your inner wisdom for words and phrases (perhaps intuitive) that reflects your mindset and values.
  • Isolation: It is difficult to face uncharted waters.  Although it feels like you are alone in this journey, countless others have experienced psychic awakenings.  Work to build a council of spirit around you.  Having like-minded or free-thinking people close to you can help you make sense of this emerging skill.  Plus, you can socialize and trade tips.

This gift is a blessing.  With a bit of practice and encouragement you can achieve wonderous impact for yourself and society.