Are Star Signs Real?

Are Star Signs Real?

There is a 13th star sign and it is called Ophiuchus, but it is not a new sign. This is not something that NASA has discovered and made part of the zodiac.

The Ophiuchus has been around since ancient times and was first discovered thousands of years ago by the Ancient Greeks.

This is something that is associated with doctors and so the Ophiuchus is full of images of healing. This was thought to bring immortality to people and the serpent is there so that it can bring healing to others and bring healing herbs and items that can help people.

This is a constellation that is also associated with the Babylonians that believed that it was part of Nirah, a god who was seen with an upper body and legs that were snakes.

When people talk about this being the 13th Zodiac, they refer to people that were born between November 30 and December 17th.

Here are some facts about the Ophiuchus:

  • It has the second closest star to the Earth.
  • There is a red dwarf star that is very small.
  • This an A-type giant star.
  • This star can also be known as the “Head of the Snake Charmer,” which is an Arabic word that is Rasalhague.
  • There are two stars called Eta and Zeta that are both Ophiuchus stars. One is blue and one is red because of the dust.
  • The Zeta Ophiuchus star is one of the fastest star and moves way faster than the sun.
  • The Ophiuchus has a bunch of star clusters.
  • This is also where the Kepler’s Supernova is located.
  • The Supernova was discovered by an astronomer from German named Johannes Kepler.
  • The Ophiuchus is also a Latin name that means “Serpent Bearer.”

This is another system that is found in the constellation and it does not change what the astrology system is.

Some psychics believe that the Western Astrology system is very accurate and can help you if you know your date and time of birth and where you were born. The star signs do not change just because something else is discovered.