Tuesday , September 20 2022

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Implications of Planetary Misalignment

Planetary Misalignment

The term “out of bound” goes beyond the sport metaphors to the world of astrology.  Planet that are misaligned can impact us both positively and negatively.  The last astrologer, KT Boehrer, coined the term “out of bounds” in relation to the latitude of planets to the equator and sun’s movement.  …

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What is a Heart Wall and How Does It Impact You?

Heart Wall

When something negatively or traumatic happens to you in your life such as going through a divorce or a breakup or being abandoned by someone, being abused or even being in an accident, your heart will hurt, and your mind starts building a wall around your heart. This happens because …

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Why Are Psychics Asked “When” So Often


One of the most common questions psychics are asked is “when” something will happen to the querent.  When are they meeting their true love?  When are they going to receive news about that wonderful job opportunity?  When are they going to die?  No one have the gift of knowing exactly …

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5 Ways to Know You Found Your Soulmate


Everyone dreams of finding their soulmate. Someone who knows exactly what they are thinking and what they are feeling. Someone who gets them. For some, they waste a lot of time looking for this person that they feel may never exist. Soulmates may be where you least expect. They may …

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How to Get Rid of Negative Energy and Get Positive

Get Positive

Do you want to be more positive because you feel that your negativity is limiting your life? Maybe you want to have more purpose and maybe your health is being affected by how you are reacting to things. Negative energy will cause people to have more stress which can lead …

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Knowing Your Psychic Senses

Psychic Senses

Having Clair senses means that you have more than your regular five senses. This is sometimes called a sixth sense. Just like being able to feel, see, hear, smell and taste, in the spiritual world, you can have another gifting called the clair senses. These are your psychic giftings. The …

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Clairsentience: More Than Intuitive Feelings


Contemplating the sheer vastness of the universe can be intimidating for some, but enthralling for others. This is especially true when you are young. Those enthralled by the universe often assume others feel the same deep connection, but as they get older it becomes clear that not everyone feels the …

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Signs from Angels

Signs from Angels

People are known to watch over people and some people believe that they have felt angels in their real lives. Angels can often have symbolic messages and can send you signs that you need to have in your life. Some people miss these messages because they don’t know that they …

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Animals and Angel Wings and How they Affect Your Life

Animals and Angel Wings

People often talk about seeing animals with angel wings. Some people do not realize how amazing this can be and how this can change their lives. If you have ever worked in a place where things were rough or where there was an outbreak of drugs, you would know that …

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