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Psychic Senses

Knowing Your Psychic Senses

Having Clair senses means that you have more than your regular five senses. This is sometimes called a sixth sense.

Just like being able to feel, see, hear, smell and taste, in the spiritual world, you can have another gifting called the clair senses. These are your psychic giftings.

The eight clair gifts include:

  • Clairvoyance which means to see clear.
  • Claircognizance which means to know things clearly.
  • Clairaudience which means to hear things clearly.
  • Clairempathy which means to be able to understand emotions.
  • Clairsentience which means feeling things.
  • Clairtangency which means touching things clearly.
  • Clairalience which means to smell things clearly
  • Clairgustance which means to taste things clearly.


When someone is clairvoyant, they are able to see things clearly which means that they can have clear signs and symbols. They can use their third eye to help them to see things such as dreams and visions. These images can come to their mind and can help them to be aware of what is going on around them.

You might be able to see the aura of others or to feel the energies of plants, animals, and people. You will also be able to see ghosts.

There are things that you can do to increase these gifts such as to be more visual. Use visions and visuals to help you through hard situations. This gift can help you to have good directions and you should be good at things such as decorating or loading things such as in the car or the dishwasher.

Someone that is clairvoyant will be able to see things in the future and will be able to know what has happened in the past.


You might have clear knowing if you have this gift and this means that out of nowhere, you just seem to know something. You didn’t see this happen or hear about it, you just know out of nowhere and you process and interpret what is going on. Claircognizance can be a feeling that you have, or a thought and it can help you to be aware of people around you.

If you have this gift, you will know if someone is honest with you or someone lies to you. Some people think that claircognizance is the same as clairsentience but that is not true. This is knowing something without having strong emotions.


If you are clairaudient, you hear things in the spirit world. This can be sounds or voices. Some people will be able to know their inner voice and use it to hear what the voice is trying to tell them.

You might be driving, and you feel or hear that you need to get off the road. When you do this, something has happened, and you were saved by listening to the voice. You need to always pay attention.

With this gift, you will be more open to things around you such as music and sounds.


If you are a clairempath it means that you are able to know what someone is thinking and feeling. You are able to know what energies they have when you walk into a room. You might even be able to feel their actual pain. If you go into a crowd, you will have many emotions come to you.

Empaths have to care for themselves and set boundaries so that they stay healthy and strong. They need to make sure that they always take time for themselves and keep themselves grounded.


A person that has clairsentience is able to use their intuition to feel things. They have strong intuition, and their gut will tell them when they need to do something or not do something.

A person with this gift is able to feel things that other people are feeling, and they can also feel their emotional pain.

If someone is upset or gets sick, a person with this gift can feel these things.


If you are Clairtangent, you are able to get information from just touching someone or something. This is also called psychometry.

You can be someone that will be able to go into a room and get knowledge just by walking in. If you touch things such as antiques, you can know where they came from and who had them first.


A person that is clairsalient is someone that can smell things without anyone being in the room. This can be the perfume of someone that has passed away or a smell of smoke from someone that died.

Sometimes people with this gift can go into a place and know when a spirit has been in the room because they are able to smell things that the spirit used to do.


A person that is Clairgustance is someone that is able to taste things in the spirit world. It will feel like something is in their mouth such as a food or drink that was something they weren’t eating.

Some people will get this information when they are trying to help with crime solving. This can help them to know the taste of blood or of a chemical that was in a drug.


  • Intuition: having a gut feeling or a feeling that something isn’t right.
  • Intuitive coach: someone that helps to increase your giftings of intuition and helps you to understand your psychic giftings.
  • ESP: extrasensory perception is being able to use the gifts and information to contact someone through things such as telepathy.
  • Precognition: Being able to know when things are going to happen.
  • Postcognition: Being able to figure out past events so that you can know what someone is doing in their life.
  • Psychic: A person that is able to read into the future or someone that is able to know what someone is feeling based on their energies.
  • Tarot and Oracle Cards: Cards that a psychic or a reader uses to tell of the past, present, and future.
  • Astrology: using the stars and the planets to know the personality and life of people.
  • Tea Leaf reading: when someone uses tea leaves and their patterns to tell the future.
  • Mediumship: A person that is able to contact those in the spirit world.

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