Clairsentience: More Than Intuitive Feelings


Contemplating the sheer vastness of the universe can be intimidating for some, but enthralling for others. This is especially true when you are young. Those enthralled by the universe often assume others feel the same deep connection, but as they get older it becomes clear that not everyone feels the same. Those who fear the vastness and darkness are basing those feelings on what they can see for the most part, but those who are enthralled are often basing it on what they feel. Many times, this is because they are clairsentient.

Clairsentience Explained

Despite the growing trend that modern day readings are often online or in more clinical like settings, the term psychic still conjures up some old-fashioned images for many people. Many think of neon signs, a crystal ball, and a psychic in a turban. This also encourages people to believe that clairvoyance, clear sight, is the ability most associated with those who work as professional psychics. However, there are several intuitive gifts like clairaudience, clear hearing, claircognizance, clear knowing, clairsentience, clear feeling, and clairolfaction, clear smelling that also exist. These clairs are used in tandem by many, but some only focus on one ability.

Clairsentience is the ability to not only sense, but interpret energies through feeling. A psychic who is clairsentient is able to detect many things, but the most common are those in the past, present and future based on spiritual, physical, and emotional states. Clairsentients utilize their gifts in different ways, but the trademark is the ability of interpretation through feeling. For example, for clarification, a clairvoyant who is doing a reading for someone who has had a recent broken heart, may see someone crying into their pillow at night. A clairsentient psychic, for the same person, may feel an ache in their chest and feel hot tears roll down their face.

Clairsentience is interesting for many reasons, but mostly because it is a unique language that is often developed for psychics through practice. This just means that over time, certain tastes, sensations, or even smells can become representative of larger concepts. Some may know a client is lying by a sharp pain in the gut or the truth is being told because of an odd numbness in the forehead. Love and ager may also have distinct scents or tastes, but this all takes time to develop.

Empath or Clairsentient?

A clairsentient can cultivate higher levels of awareness and control over the natural abilities they possess. They are able to connect and interpret energy from places and times, even those in the distance. By contrast, an empath tends to take on the feelings, emotions, or thoughts of others without the ability to separate them from their own. Empaths do not often control energetic exchange in their space. Empaths are born with the ability, but the majority of clairsentients build the ability over time.

Signs of Clairsentience

  • Feeling the pain or emotions of others as your own
  • Physical reaction to lying
  • Mood fluctuations depending on who is in your space
  • Feeling excessively tired or overwhelmed after being around many people
  • Sharing special bonds with animals
  • Creative abilities or hobbies
  • Strangers overshare with you
  • Forming strong impressions about strangers
  • High sensitivity to the energy of your surroundings

Developing Abilities

Empaths internalize the emotions of others without realizing it until they learn to identify and separate the source of the feelings. This can lead to emotional, physical, and energetic issues. If you wish to develop your own clairsentient abilities then it starts with being more mindful of your feelings as they arise and identifying the source. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help you to do this with much less attachment to whatever arises. This awareness gives you more control over your abilities. Being able to understand the source of your feelings will keep them in perspective and allow you freedom to release anything unwanted, whether feelings or thoughts.

There are some tools that can benefit you on your journey. These include the things shared below.

  • Cards – If clairsentience is your primary skill, build other skills like clairvoyance with tarot or oracle cards to help you understand specific sensations.
  • Crystals – Placing crystals over the third eye can help increase extrasensory abilities. Try those known to increase ability like clear topaz, blue tourmaline, or dumortierite.

There are also some exercises or games that can help increase clairsentience. These are shared below.

  • Hide and Seek – Choose an item you have a strong connection with, step out of the room and ask a friend to hide it someone in the home. When you return, try to connect psychically to the item and pay attention to the feelings you get.
  • Photo Feelings – Ask a trusted friend to show you several photos of people you have never met, but they know. Look at each photo and try to connect and gain details. Check your accuracy with the friend who knows them.
  • Psychic Vacation – Find someplace quiet to sit comfortably. Close your eyes and visualize a place somewhere far from your current location. Allow your senses to connect to the new environment. Pay attention to whether you can feel the sensations associated with the imagined environment.