What is the I Ching, and What is it Used For?

What is the I Ching, and What is it Used For?

What is the I Ching, and What is it Used For?The Book of Changes, also referred to as the I Ching, (which is pronounced “ee Ching’) is an ancient Taoist book that people have been using for centuries to bring them guidance. It can give you generalized wisdom, or more specified wisdom tailored to specific questions you have about your life.

Daily Consultation

Consulting the I Ching daily is one of the easiest ways to get used to it. Lots of people like to do it either before meditation, or when they first wake up. There are several methods to consult the I Ching, but the three coin method is most widely used.

The Three Coin Method

First, you’ll need an I Ching interpretation book, a pen and paper, and three coins. Many people use Feng Shui coins, but quarters will work just as well.

Next, think of your question. Find a quiet place with a flat surface and focus on your question for a few moments. Then, holding the coins in your hand, either in your head or outloud, say “Show me what I need to know”.

Toss the coins in the air 6 times, and write down whether they landed on heads or tails. The results will leave you with two trigrams, or two sets of 3 lines (6 coin tosses, 6 lines. Get it?). The trigrams are read from bottom to top. Interpretation guides usually have a place either at the beginning or at the end of the book to explain in detail how to convert the trigrams into a hexagram.

How to Look Up Hexagrams

You can either use your I Ching interpretation book, or an online hexagram chart to look up your hexagrams. Your bottom trigram will be on the side, and your top trigram will be at the top. After you find all of your trigrams, you’ll need to find where the rows and columns intersect. Write down the number at this intersection. It’s your I Ching reading number. Then, turn to the page with that number in your interpretation book and read it.

Don’t forget to thank both the I Ching and the coins for their assistance and guidance!

Specified Guidance

You can use I Ching consultation to receive guidance about specific things, too. You can do this using the coin method, or by using online websites. Before you toss your coins or click the button, focus on your question, or go one step further and write it down. Then you can either toss the coins or click the button. Here are some common question topics:

  • How can I make my relationship stronger?
  • What can I change in order to become emotionally ready for a serious relationship?
  • How can I improve communication with my partner?
  • How can I find my dream job?
  • What can I do to advance my career?
  • How can I use my job to fulfill my life’s purpose?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What steps can I take to fulfill my life’s purpose?

Some other topics that you can consult the I Ching for include:

-Prosperity, wealth and finances

-Learning and education

-Spirituality and religion

-Happiness and mental health

-General health

-Friends and family



If you’re at a crossroads in your life, it’s a great time to consult the I Ching. Just think about the decision you’re facing and any questions you have about it. Then, you can use the reading to guide your decision.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui and I Ching are very much interconnected. The trigrams in I Ching are used in Feng Shui and expressed throughout all of its elements. So, many people consult the I Ching for Feng Shui.

The I Ching is ancient, and filled with wisdom. The answers that it provides aren’t always clear. But, thinking about the reading and the words as they apply to your situation forces you to actually think about your situation, which helps you find solutions and work towards personal development and growth. And, the words of the I Ching will help to guide you along that journey.