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Advantage Of An I Ching Reading

     Not a lot of people are familiar with I Ching, also known as the “Book of Changes”. It is an ancient divination tool utilized by the Chinese for at least three or four thousand years, and an I Ching reading is just one of the many services I and other …

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Use I Ching For Wisdom

        Anyone can agree that life can be so complicated and unpredictable… It’s only natural that many of us seek answers to comprehend our current situation and how the future may unfold. While many of us are familiar with Tarot cards, pendulum readings or even crystal ball readings, …

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What Can I Get From I Ching?

 I usually talk about the benefits of consulting the I Ching to make better decisions. Eventhough Chinese New Year is quite far, it is a good time to reflect on your life and goals. Here are some of the benefits of giving yourself an I Ching reading. As a decision-making tool, …

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Psychic Subtle Energy Cultivation

The words Chi, Ki, prana, orgone, magis,and ether are words you would have certainly heard in describing subtle energy.  Subtle energy pervades everything and everywhere in the Universe. The scoop of your psychic abilities with subtle energy cultivation is far greater than you can imagine when cultivated.   The difference between …

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What If Your I Ching Reading Seems Not Right?

It’s not unprecedented to have the experience of a reading affirming what you definitely know – regardless of the possibility that you haven’t exactly recognized that you knew it. Be that as it may, what do you do when the reading essentially conflicts with what you feel is correct? You’re …

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Improve Your Visionary

In some cases I think about whether the visionary limit, including a capacity to rehearse my Visionary procedures is truly accessible to everybody. It begins with holding to a dream that can “rouse you to go for broke that develop you when the planning is correct”. Visionary is essentially past …

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The Story of I Ching

What makes a work of art? Initially, the work must concentrate on matters of incredible significance, distinguishing essential human issues and giving some kind of direction to managing them. Second, it must address these principal issues in “lovely, moving, and huge courses,” with “empowering and welcoming pictures.” Third, it must …

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Going Back to the Basics of I Ching

I Ching is an antiquated, refined fortune-advising instrument utilized by the Chinese to foresee the example of occasions which will represent and shape our future. Terence McKenna concentrated on the I Ching and built up his understandings as Timewave or Novelty hypothesis. Be that as it may, what precisely is …

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The Odds in I Ching

What is the significance of odds in I Ching coin tosses? I Ching (or Yijing) is an ancient Chinese book of truth and knowledge. It has deep roots in early magic and divination. Tossing coins is believed to be one way of consulting the oracle of that truth and knowledge …

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