Utilizing Wisdom from The I-Ching


We could all probably use some wise, enduring life lessons that have been around and practiced since 2,850 BC, right? Especially when it comes to needing help making major life decisions and advice on how to apply a workable, balanced approach to any situation. And that’s exactly what can happen if we apply the teachings of The I-Ching or “Book of Changes.”

So, what exactly is The I-Ching? Well, it originated in ancient China and was founded on the philosophy of Taoism. The I-Ching promotes unity, harmony, balance, and wholeness through a spiritual living and awareness. Its teachings have survived centuries and are used in so many spiritual and psychic practices and tarot card readings today.

Understanding Taoism

Understanding The I-Ching means also understanding the practice of Taoism. What is meant by the term Taoism? Taoism suggests that instead of aspiring for perfection, one should instead aspire to travel towards a state of wholeness. It teaches way of balance and harmonizing towards the ultimate reality or spirituality. It’s not just a set of ancient ideas, but also a way of using those ideas in the present…for a more harmonious state of being.

Can The I-Ching Be Used for Fortune-Telling?

The writings and philosophies in the I-Ching were written mostly to focus on the here and now. However, the texts can predict probably outcomes from how we take the words and wisdom and use them in our everyday lives to enhance our future. Obviously, it can’t predict the future, but it’s writings can be used to help you find new solutions and ideas that can help shape your future.

How Can The I-Ching be Used for a Reading?

The whole process in which we use The I-Ching for a reading can get a bit complex. To explain it in a bit simpler way, a random method of divination is used, allowing relevant text to be chosen by your subconscious. It’s a technique that allows you to bypass your ego, which usually is responsible for blocking your true insight. And this allows the text of The I-Ching to tap into your subconscious needs, wisdom, and desires.

In order to gain the most amount of clarity from a reading, it’s ideal to ask a specific question that is of deepest concern to you or about a current issue that has been bothering you. Because The I-Ching will reflect this back to you regardless of what it is you’re asking.

I-Ching readings are beneficial if you’re looking to align with your inner truth, act with purpose and faith, and boost your creative potential. And reading and studying the wisdom and philosophies within the text can help set you on a more truthful and self-aware path.