Use I Ching For Wisdom


        Anyone can agree that life can be so complicated and unpredictable… It’s only natural that many of us seek answers to comprehend our current situation and how the future may unfold. While many of us are familiar with Tarot cards, pendulum readings or even crystal ball readings, there is an ancient Chinese oracle practice called the I Ching.

What Is I Ching?

The I Ching is a complex and fascinating oracle that features a collection of wisdom that translates as the “Book of Changes.” The I Ching collection features 64 situations that are represented by a six-line hexagram.

In order to figure out which hexagram relates to your situation, you throw coins to determine each line of the hexagram and whether or not it’s whole or broken. If a line is broken, it indicates “yin” or feminine energy that is moody, earthy and passive, while an unbroken line indicates “yang” or masculine energy that is fiery, bright and active.

How to Consult the I Ching

The I Ching tradition started by “throwing” fifty yarrow stalks to determine each of the six lines of the hexagram. In current times, it is more common to throw three coins a total of six times while concentrating on your question or concern.

The hexagram is built from the bottom line to the top using values calculated by how many coins were heads up or tails up. If a coin lands heads up, it’s given a value of two. If it lands tails up, it’s given a value of three and the value of each coin is added together. If the total sum is an odd number, the line is determined to be yang and if it’s even the line is determined to be yin.

There are also changing lines, which change from yin to yang or yang to yin. It is considered a changing line when all three coins are either heads up or tails up. It’s important to know how many changing lines there are in the hexagram as that gives you further insight into how to interpret the hexagram for your situation.

When to Consult the I Ching

The I Ching is poetic parables that leave much room for personal interpretation. It’s not too different from receiving a Tarot card reading, except it focuses less on the background of your situation and more on the options that you now face and potential outcomes.

There is much to consider and interpret when consulting with the I Ching as an oracle. Many experts suggest that you work with a trained professional to guide you through this powerful tool. Working with an advisor who specializes in the I Ching will give you a deeper understanding of your reading and how it applies to your situation. They will also be able to fully illuminate the nuances of the hexagram and how it applies to your life.

Whenever you have questions regarding your current situation or which path will lead you to your desired fate, it can be illuminating to turn to the I Ching to gain clarity and wisdom.