The Basics of I Ching

The Basics of I Ching

The Basics of I ChingI Ching is a fortune telling tool that takes places back in the ancient times.  This is a way that the Chinese could use a tool to help them to predict events that will shape their destiny.  This has been studied by many people.

What is I Ching and how can it be used?

I Ching Basics

One of the oldest tools in divination is the I Ching.  Some claim that it is over 3,000 years old and has helped millions of people to have guidance and advice in all questions of life.  The I Ching is basic but at the same time it is complex.

The great thing about I Ching is that it doesn’t just give you answers that you ask, it also helps you to find answers that already are inside of you.


There are different ways in which the I Ching works and one of the earlier methods was counting yarrow sticks but this has evolved into a bigger thing.  Now the most common method is tossing a coin because it is hard to find 50 yarrow sticks.  Tossing a coin is faster and easier to come by.  The I Ching is not as important as what mindset that you have when you are consulting.

Mental Focus

It is important to focus on the question when you are asking the I Ching for advice.  If there is one piece of advice that is important for beginners is to be careful what you fill yourselves with when seeking answers from the I Ching.

When practicing tossing a coin, it is important to meditate after each answer.  After building a hexagram line, they empty themselves just like pouring out water from a container.  The results or the answers will fill the person asking the questions so they must be ready to receive.

This might sound hard, but by practicing, you can become good at it.

Consulting the I Ching

The I Ching isn’t something to learn but everyone already has it in them.   You will need a copy of the I Ching, paper, pen or pencil and 3 different coins.

The first thing to do is to ask the question, you don’t even have to ask it verbally if you don’t want to but make sure you are concentrating on what it is.  Your question cannot be a yes or no so this will take more time to listen.

Instead of asking yes or no questions you should say something like “How can I tune in more to the world around me?”  or “How can I make the relationship that I am in happier?”

Asking questions like these will allow you to take time and become better at listening for the answer.

The second thing to do is to meditate on the question and then throw the coin.  On your paper from the bottom to the top, record the four things that happened:

  • 3 tails means that the line is broken by an “x”, Changing Yin.
  • 2 tails, 1 head is a Yang, this should be written by a line.
  • 3 heads is a changing Yang and should be a line with a knot.
  • 1 tail, 2 heads is a Yin and should be a broken line.

Continue to repeat this six times until you have a hexagram.

If you have no changing Yin or Yang you skip the next step, but if you did, you have to create a second hexagram and put the opposite symbols in the place before changing any of the symbols.

If you had one changing Yin in the first spot, you create a second one that is identical except it has the Yang in the original Yin’s place.

If you have only one hexagram then you need to look up the I Ching.  If you have two because the changing Yin or Yang then you look up both hexagrams.  The first is the changing symbols and shows what is happening in your life now.

The second is the answer to the question.  There are over 64 different hexagrams that all go in the I Ching.  Use the chart to figure out what chapter your answer is in.

These readings aren’t straightforward and you have to meditate to get the answer.  Depending on which I Ching you read, the language might be different than others.  The meaning of the message will always be the same.  Take each reading into account as a suggestion and remember that the reading isn’t the answer but taking time to meditate on it is what is really important.

Now that you understand the I Ching basics, look at the text and figure out how it can change your life.