Sighting Animals and What it Means to See a Gorilla

What it Means to See a Gorilla

Gorilla sightings are something that are not very known, but they are meant to be with people. If you have a gorilla sighting, you need to pay attention to what you are feeling and what is going on in your life. This can mean that you are ready for change in your life.


A gorilla is an African ape that is considered endangered. These animals are herbivores, and they are very similar to human beings.

An ape is an animal that lives on the ground and they make places to sleep and rest and each day, they go out to try to find food. Sometimes an ape will have to go for miles and miles just to get enough food.

Gorillas like to live with other gorillas, and they are considered troops. A gorilla normally lives with a female and their young but there can be many male and female gorillas in the troop.

The troops are protective of the gorillas and they want their people to be protected from any kind of danger.

Symbols of a Gorilla

A gorilla can have a symbolic meaning, and this can mean that you are confident and that you need to be more compassionate with life and even with nature. Since an ape almost looks like a human in their eyes and how they act, these creatures are considered important.

If your spirit animal is a gorilla it can mean that you are easy to identify with.

If you see a gorilla, you need to not worry about how big they are because they are kind and loving. A gorilla has much wisdom and is very patient and takes their time to do things that they do.

Gorilla’s love their family and they love to use nature to help them. They also can be aggressive, but they only act that way when they need to protect their troop.

A gorilla is very smart and can take the things that they need and be creative with them. They do not have to work hard to be happy.

The gorilla in charge is the male gorilla and he is there to protect his family and others in the group, but he is not prideful or rude. A gorilla can help you to learn how to act and how to be kind and caring.

Spirit World

Having a spirit animal can mean that you will make a connection with that animal. When you listen to the animals and what they sound like and do, chances are that you can learn something from them.

What do you learn from a gorilla? When you look at a gorilla, you can find out that they are there to teach you a lesson. How often do you see the gorilla? If you hardly ever see a gorilla, think of this as a special thing for you.

You can ask your gorilla spirit animal to help you and here are some traits that they have:

  • They are proud.
  • They love to stand straight.
  • They are grounded.
  • They are leaders and can solve problems.
  • They are smart and creative.
  • They have a lot of strength.
  • They want to be respected.
  • They are protectors.

If you are needing to find your confidence, ask your gorilla guide to come to you.


If you dream of a gorilla, it can mean that you need to get more in touch with yourself. You need to reach your sexual needs and figure out what life has for you.

A gorilla in your dreams might be there to give you motivation and might help you to get back on track in your life. If you find that you are procrastinating and not getting things done, this creature can help you to do better.

Community and Help

Gorillas love to be with other gorillas. They love to socialize. If you see a gorilla or dream of one, it can mean that you need to spend more time with your family and friends.

Symbolic Meaning of the Gorilla

Here are some things a gorilla can mean:

  • Having balance, it can mean that you need to be responsible for what you do in your life and have fun and work.
  • Gorillas love their family; you may need to be more involved with your family.
  • Gorillas have a lot of patience and you may need to have more respect for yourself and others.

We have a lot of similar traits as a gorilla does and when you see them, it can be a sign that you need to have a deeper connection in your life.

When you think about it, a gorilla can teach you to look deeper inside of yourself and figure out more of what you want and need in your life.