Recall Your Past Lives

Recall Your Past Lives

When you know that you have had a past life and you are interested in understanding your past, it is important that you look closely to your unconscious and what your mind is wanting to show you. You do not have to be forceful when you want to learn more about your past, but by allowing older memories to come to you can help you to open up your past life world.

Ways to Open Past Life Memories

When you hear about people that believe that they have seen someone in the past like a historical figure or a famous king, some find it odd or fake, while others feel that they have experienced just that. Some will feel attracted to the same people in history and will want to read all of the books and watch all of the movies about them.

Sometimes past life works in sessions and you do not always have to remember it to know that you have been there before.


When you have a past life memory of being a famous person or being around someone famous, how do you prove to yourself that it is true?

The thing is, it can be true but you need to be careful about the conclusions that you make and what happens is that you will have energies with these people and you can still reach these energies by your thoughts and your actions and attract someone, even if they have left this world.

If you feel that you are attracted to certain people from the past, the energy can come into your subconscious mind and it can help you to see how this person is related to your life.


Another way that you can remember your past life is by looking into your unconscious mind. The energy here is important and it gives you information that you cannot get from any other place. Even if you see a part of your past life, you can use these memories to weed through what is real and what is not and what relates to your past and current life.

Akashic Records

Akashic records are records that are from the universe and is recorded about every person alive. These records can be downloaded from a specific time in history or a specific person and they can help you know more about someone or something, possibly from your past.


The best way to figure out your past life is by remembering things. You might remember things from a dream, or you might see something that you already know, and you aren’t sure even how. This can happen because you have a parallel of your past and your present life.

Even though remembering things is good, you do not have to remember things to pick up the energy of the past life.


You might find that when you are looking into your past life that you need someone to help you. Some memories or areas will trigger things from your soul memory, and they will direct you to see what is happening now and what has happened in your past.

If you have experienced something in your past life that was traumatic, chances are that you have blocked out your past and this is where you might need help. When you need help, find someone that can help you to do a soul healing and guide you in the right direction in your life.

Past life memories can be very scary and powerful and make sure that you find someone that you can trust to guide you. Make sure that you have the right motive and that you want to remember your past for good reasons and to make your life better.