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Cultivating Psychic Energy

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You may have heard the words Chi, and ki. You may have also heard the words prove, organ and magis.  These words are used to describe subtle energy.  Subtle energy is pervasive and inherent in anything and everything around the universe.   The combination of your own psychic ability and subtle energy results in a very powerful mix.

A psychic who does energy work; cultivating psychic energy can reach higher levels of projection.  Subtle energy makes you and your powers stronger.

Older Chi masters report having more energy and vitality and general health than people half their age.

The two most popular ways of cultivating energy are Chi Gang and Yoga.  Tai Chi nurtures energy movement  while Pranayama Yoga works on internal movement. You must do internal energy movement to properly store and maintain psychic energy.

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The Astral Projector Robert Bruce has created the New Energy Way which  is  a system of internal energy cultivation.  This system is said to cultivate psychic energy faster than  Chi Gang and Yoga

Radionics and its associated device are said  help achieve in psychic energy goals.   This energy can be used to develop ESP and ability to view things remotely.

Different methods work in different ways.

Crystals and gemstones can be arranged in ways to create a high charge of energy.  For example, arranging the crystals in a pentagon or other grid work to harness energy when meditating.  Some  people even place these arranged crystals under their beds.

There are many different ways to develop and encourage your psychic energy. The cultivation method that works best for you may take some time, but as soon as you find it, stick with it.

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