Know The 6 Benefits of I Ching


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The oracle I-Ching has helped guide people through dilemmas and problems for centuries.   The I-Ching or, as it’s also known, the Book of Changes, offers guidance over the immediate as well as changes that happen over time.

The  I-Ching was first written about in 1000 BC. Confucius expanded on the interpretations four centuries later.  Over history, the I-Ching has been used by leaders and wise men all over China.  It has been used not only as a guide but also as an assistant to political and military leaders.

Rather than the human oracle we may be thinking of, like the prophets and the Oracle at Delphi,  The I Ching is a guide that you can learn how to use without involving a third party or person to help guide you.   The I Ching can help you encourage your own intuition.

 The benefits of I Ching


The one constant in life is change. Change will happen whether you like it or not.  Nowadays we are told to manage change.  The I Ching is a change management tool that has a centuries old plan.

Using the I Ching can help sharpen your decision making skills and improve our time management skills.

Better decisions.  

Our level of success and happiness is reliant on good decision making.  As we face challenges, sometimes several at once, we tend to respond emotionally. This can leave us feeling inadequate  and will definitely leave us feeling flustered and unsure. The I Ching can give immediate access to the kind of principles that can calm us down and help reassure us.

Mental clarity.  When you consult the I  Ching, you should have a designated space to put yourself in the right mindset. This process alone can help you calm down and focus on the problem or question at hand.

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Focused relaxation.  If you calm yourself down you automatically become in the perfect frame of mind for creativity.  The I Ching will let you focus on your problems in a less stressful frame of mind by lining up the subconscious and unconscious parts of your mind. When these two parts of your mind connect you are prime from wisdom and effectiveness.

Non-attachment and greater objectivity Consulting the I Ching functions between the logical mind of your problem and the questioning nature of your inquiry. The casting part of your I Ching ritual will help you detach yourself from your problem.  When you separate yourself from the problem, the less emotionally you will be, making the dilemma easier to handle, regardless of what you see in your reading.

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Answers that ring true.

To truly benefit from the I Ching, you should be receptive to any ideas that may spring to mind.  Remember that it is your reading and your interpretation.  It will bring you your own insight. It will be a reading that is tailor made for you.

Clear intuition.  Consulting the I Ching helps harness  your intuitive nature because it gives your subconscious the chance to create a pattern. The interpretation of the pattern stretches your intuition. You don’t take it literally . It guides you. It doesn’t dictate.

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