Economic Troubles and the I Ching

Economic Troubles and the I Ching

Economic Troubles and the I ChingWhen you are using the Tarot to understand what is going on in your life it can offer two clear answers, one that is positive and one that is not.

Sometimes in reading, there is the chance that there will be obstacles that can be temporary.  Keep focusing on what is happening and remember the details.  Line up and support as much as you can before you make any moves.

This is not a time to have to try harder, it is a time to understand the cycle of life and that sometimes temporary obstacles happen.  You have to just focus on your inside and know that a better result can come later.  Remember the I Ching.

Temporary Obstacles

Have you had temporary obstacles that have blocked your way to certain goals or ambitions?  This isn’t a total bad thing, because without setbacks, you will not work as hard.  If there are not irritating times, then you could never experience something great.

Obstacles are not forever and even if they are on the way, don’t try to go around it, but move it.  A temporary obstacle has to be seen as temporary and not take over what you are feeling or get you down.

One of the positive things about this is that it can cause you to look inside yourself and get more character about you.  The cause of the problem can help you to be more introspective and can give your personal growth.

Without resistance, good things cannot happen.  If you have temporary obstacles that you are facing, don’t be too concerned.  These are part of your life and can help you to reach your goals.  Sometimes setbacks are the solution to the problems, you just have to make it around it first.

Changing Lines

If you have a temporary setback, make light of it and continue on.  Don’t try to confront the obstacle on your own but wait until you have support.  Get some help and support in your life to help you through the obstacle.

Second Changing

When something hard happens, follow through because action can give you success.  You need to learn that sometimes you cannot go forward or back, but you have to just wait until the obstacle is out of the way.  When this happens, do your best to not worry and to look for help from the universe.  Also, use people in positions of power to help you and to support you.

Future Hexagram

When you meet resistance, know that you have a good goal.  This is a good way to stay on a path to success.  Retreat is not to be seen as surrender.  A successful retreat means that you have a quick movement and that you have a new position before you take another one.  This allows you to keep your resources and to position yourself in a better situation.

Withdrawal or retreat can help you to stay cool and is necessary sometime so you can stay cool.  Look at details and allow yourself time to grow and to see everything overall.  Have self-confidence when small setbacks come and do not allow yourself to have doubt.

When you start to see progress, learn to understand the different ups and downs that you will face.  Don’t think that you can fix all the situations in your life.  Somethings are bigger than you and do not let your pride get in your way.