What you can get from I Ching?



Those who are familiar with consulting the I Ching know they can make better decision.  Regardless of where you are in relation to the Chinese New Year, you can always look back on your life goals.  There are quite a few benefits to consulting the I Ching.

If you use an I Ching reading to help make decisions, it provides you a a different perspective from which to resolve your problems.   The I Ching is a highly respected system that has worked for people for thousands of years.  Since 1000 BC, wise people and leaders have seen the I Ching as a tool for guidance and as  way to help them make decisions.

Western societies generally thing of wisdom as coming from people, i. e,; the prophets and oracles from literature.  Where the I Ching comes out on top in a comparison is that anyone can consult it, and use it as a way to help you increase your own intuition.

Benefits of I Ching

The only constant in life is change. It doesn’t matter if we like the direction in which the change is going. Change is going to happen.  We want to make the change as peaceful as possible.  The I Ching is the oldest way known to man  to manage our reaction to change.  The I Ching gives us a way to sharpen our intuition  so that we may make better decisions.


Why its important to make good decisions

Making decisions directly affects every aspect of our lives.  When we are challenged, we choose our responses. Sometimes our reasoning is impaired by emotion, and no matter how prepared we are, we usually second guess ourselves when we do make a decision.

When we consult the I Ching, we are communicating with age-old principles that can help us objectively choose our path.  It can also change our perspective on the problem.

Clear thinking 

Because consulting the I Ching requires us to create a space for the ritual, we automatically put ourselves in a less emotional state when we ask our questions.  This allows us clarity to focus on what we really want and need. By calming ourselves we can remove the problem away from us  to better approach it.



One of the best things about the I Ching is that it is bridge between the emotion of  your problem and the reality of your intellect. The very act of starting the process causes you distance your self from the problem.  The more removed you are, the less threatened you will feel.  When you view your problem from a distance, you will have an advantage from which to make a better choice.

Better relaxation

It is commonly known that being calm  creates the best environment for you to access your own intuition and creative side.   The I Ching will let you focus on the importance of your situation without being overly emotionally.


Your intuition is aroused by letting your subconscious practice creating a pattern.  When you create a pattern your intuitive nature is activated.  When you examine pattern, you interpret it.  With the I Ching, its patterns will help you gain insight into your own problems

Answers with truth

To gain any benefit from an I Ching consultation, you only have to be open to the new thoughts that appear in your mind.  You do not have to believe in any new dogma. The I Ching gives you a chance to interpret your thoughts for yourself.

This system is thousands of years old and many have stated that the interpretations have given them accurate insight into their problems.