Thursday , January 19 2023

Carla Featherstone

I Ching Psychics Blog Moderator

The Odds in I Ching

What is the significance of odds in I Ching coin tosses? I Ching (or Yijing) is an ancient Chinese book of truth and knowledge. It has deep roots in early magic and divination. Tossing coins is believed to be one way of consulting the oracle of that truth and knowledge …

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I Ching is the world’s oldest oracle

For over four thousand years, the I Ching has been a wise oracle for the world.  In ancient  China, kings and wisemen relied on the I Ching for guidance.  This system uses over three-hundred thousand six line yin/yang hexagrams.  Each one of these combinations depicts a kind of human condition …

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What is the I Ching?

Well that’s a loaded question. The simple answer is that “I Ching” translates to “Book of Changes”. The Chinese have created in it (and continue to build) the oldest oracle text in the world. The I Ching is a collection of texts covering a range of topics like philosophy, psychic …

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The Methods of the I Ching

There are two commonly known ways of communicating with the I Ching. These are the Coin Toss Method and the Yarrow Stalk Method.  Both of these are verifiable ways to  create the hexagrams vital to the consultation that will lend insight into the questions of human life. Yarrow sticks are …

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I Ching and the 3 coins

I Ching is an ancient Chinese divination method. They use a series of coin tosses using 3 identical coins with identifiable heads and tails to determine an I Ching hexagram. I Ching book contains about 64 hexagrams, each is identified by a number and name. A hexagram is a figure composed of …

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Know The 6 Benefits of I Ching

The oracle I-Ching has helped guide people through dilemmas and problems for centuries.   The I-Ching or, as it’s also known, the Book of Changes, offers guidance over the immediate as well as changes that happen over time. The  I-Ching was first written about in 1000 BC. Confucius expanded on the …

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